10 Best Legendary Pokémon, According To Reddit


With Pokémon Scarlet and Violet burning via cabinets, it is clear that Game Freak has made one more success. The graphics and glitches could be detrimental to enjoyment, however the open world and litany of recent Pokémon comparable to Miraidon and Koraidon make up for the issues.

While the 2 Legendaries are the sport’s spotlight, it’s going to take time for followers to heat to the brand new Pokémon and see how they evaluate to earlier Legendaries. Still, many current Legendaries have been cited by Redditors as among the many finest within the franchise, suggesting there’s hope for Scarlet and Violet’s two mascots.



Redditor thegayestweeb writes that Regigigas is the very best Legendary Pokémon “because elemental golems are just a cool concept.” It’s seemingly the rationale why Game Freak selected to create the unique Regi trio in Generation 3, and with Regigigas, they improved upon their substantial work.

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While Regigigas is uncommon in that it’s one in every of solely a choose few Legendary and Mythical Pokémon which are normal-types, it is nonetheless a powerhouse with a stunning quantity of persona. It boasts a powerful bodily assault stat that places its Regi brethren to disgrace and likewise has first rate protection and particular protection, that are the rationale Regigigas is in style amongst gamers.


Receiving a Free Shiny Eternatus in Pokémon Sword & Shield

Redditor sid370z believes that Eternatus is the best Legendary Pokémon as a result of “it is one of the craziest looking legendaries IMO.” The design notably polarized gamers again when the creature debuted in Generation VIII, however it additionally helped set up Eternatus as a Pokémon price remembering.

Beyond Eternatus’ aesthetic, the Pokémon stands out for its distinctive typing. It’s standing as a poison/dragon-type is unique amongst Legendaries, and provides Eternatus sturdy resistance towards grass-types although it does, sadly, keep weaknesses towards floor and psychic Pokémon.


Groudon on a red background in Pokemon

As one of many primary Legendaries from the very best trio of Pokémon video games, Groudon embodies the Earth, in stark distinction to his counterpart Kyogre. In the phrases of Redditor Box_Man_In_A_Box, “It’s godzilla but he baths in lava and literally makes the sun shines brighter.”

Beyond Groudon’s smooth and imposing design, the Legendary can be stooped in some engaging Pokémon lore. It’s mentioned that Groudon created the land in one in every of his many battles with Kyogre, a undeniable fact that lends the creature an air of awe-inspiring significance.


Kyurem with crystals all over the background in Pokemon

Redditor HyperionX-X holds on to the notion that Kyurem is the very best Legendary as a result of “it can change between ice, fire and electric forms.” While this capacity to change its bodily state shouldn’t be distinctive amongst Legendaries, the power to fuse with different Pokémon was key to Kyurem’s enchantment again in Generation V.

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Even when not fused with Reshiram or Zekrom, Kyurem nonetheless packs fairly a punch. It has a stable base state of 660, with its strengths mendacity in assault and particular assault. And whereas its protection stats aren’t fairly on par, Kyurem nonetheless stands out as top-of-the-line Pokémon from the Unovah Region.


Silvally Pokemon poses on a blue background

From Generation VII, Silvally is a normal-type Pokémon that has the power to vary its kind in battle. According to LuminothWarrior, it additionally boasts “the most creative Pokémon design, because it’s a chimera, and those can look like literally anything”.

Though Silvally would not boast essentially the most stellar stats, its capacity to vary kind in battle makes it a dynamic power within the video games. It’s due to this that Silvally is taken into account top-of-the-line normal-type Pokémon.


Lugia from the Pokemon anime series

Hailing from the fantastic Johto Region, Lugia stands out as one of the noble Pokémon primarily based on his function within the beloved Pokémon: The Movie 2000. It was there that the Pokémon proved a hero in serving to cease the Legendary birds from destroying the Earth.

Even if Lugia weren’t within the Pokémon movie franchise, Lugia would nonetheless be “cool… even if its type is a bit weird,” in accordance with HUGE_HOG. The Legendary boasts excessive particular protection which aids in giving the creature a heroic aura and distinguish it from extra morally ambiguous Legendaries.


Necrozma from Pokemon Sun and Moon

“Necrozma is possibly one of the most powerful Pokémon given the info that it used to “light up the ultra wormholes like a sun”” writes Krossis25V. It’s a chilling backstory, and one that’s befitting a Pokemon who seems to be constructed from black crystals.

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Perhaps essentially the most hanging side about Necrozma is its capacity to tackle three completely different types. These types assist elevate an already formidable presence right into a beast in battles, and makes Necrozma that rather more intimidating consequently.


Mewtwo looking stern in Pokemon the First Movie

The very first Legendary Pokémon, Mewtwo was created from the DNA of Mew and famously grew to become the primary antagonist and the Pokemon movie collection. Redditor thegayestweeb states, “he’s the OG psychic-type Legendary. Cool but tragic backstory.”

Beyond merely being a favourite psychic Pokémon amongst followers, Mewtwo additionally stands out as formidable presence. Whether a villain or an anti-hero, there’s nothing extra chilling than a catlike creature floating via the air and wreaking havoc on cities in a senseless rage.


Rayquaza flying in the air in Pokemon

As a part of the famed climate trio from Generation III, Rayquaza is a very iconic Pokémon and “an all time favorite” for Reddit customers like Fhaw. It was the primary Legendary to be a dragon-type, and famously ended the battle between Groudon and Kyogre in Pokémon: Emerald.

Besides how stooped it’s within the lore of the video games, Rayquaza additionally resonates with audiences due to how formidable the Legendary is in battle. It’s an absolute tank in its regular mode, boasting excessive assault stats, however it’s made much more fearsome by its Mega Evolution, which magnifies its already spectacular stats.


Giratina in its Origin and Altered Formes on a background of the Cobalt Coastlands in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Giratina is NODOGAN and lots of different Redditor’s favourite Legendary Pokémon as a result of “(Ghost/Dragon is a kickass combo and his design as well as concept is kickass).” The creature resides in a dimension exterior that of the primary Pokémon universe, giving it an aura and Eldritch kind horror.

In addition to Giratina’s origins and design, the Pokémon additionally boasts spectacular HP and stats that alter relying on its type. Regardless of what type it is in, it will probably pack fairly a punch towards opponents, particularly given its resistance to so many varieties.

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