10 Misconceptions About Pokémon Types, According To Reddit

After a number of a long time, eight mainline video games, and dozens of spin-offs, most long-time followers of the Pokémon franchise have the mechanics and lore down fairly nicely, however issues can typically get a bit complicated.

Creature and assault typings are the middle of each fight and character design in Pokémon. While their representations and interactions usually make sense, some Redditors have spoken up about misconceptions that they nonetheless discover themselves getting unsuitable on occasion.


10 Pokémon Types Don’t Always Resist Themselves

Though weaknesses and resistances are typically (however not at all times) logical, there’s one a part of it that Downtown-Command-295 simply can not seem to keep in mind. They “always think that every type resists itself,” which is shut, however not completely, true.

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Half (9 of the entire eighteen) resist themselves, with Normal, Fighting, Ground, Flying, Bug, Rock, and Fairy hitting their opponents of the identical sort for impartial injury, whereas Dragon and Ghost truly do double injury in opposition to different Dragons and Ghost, respectively.

9 Wind Doesn’t Put Out Fires

It appears to be a preferred challenge that some long-time gamers get confused about assault relationships as a consequence of fashionable monsters which have two varieties. For hyppoqueenv, the problem was that they “thought flying beat fire, like blowing out a candle, because i grew up with gen 3, 4 and 5, and i always used the fighting starter, which were coincidentally fighting type.”

Indeed, most of the finest Fire-type starters in Pokémon are additionally Fighting, so it is sensible {that a} participant would see Hurricane land as super-effective in opposition to their Infernape and assume that Fire is weak to Flying.

8 Confusion Over Rock And Ground

Most Pokémon varieties are suitably distinct to keep away from confusion, however Rock and Ground do certainly appear unusually comparable by way of classification. Due to how comparable they appear, it is sensible that Redditors like Mimikyu-Overlord “never remember how Rock and Ground work” by way of weak spot and resistance.

Luckily, thepriceoflentils replied with a charmingly straightforward approach to keep in mind which is powerful in opposition to which, saying “big rock [Ground/the Earth] beats small rock [Rock].” Thankfully, the categories added since gen 1 (Dark, Steel, and Fairy) have prevented any complicated similarities with different varieties.

7 Bugs Don’t Freeze

Most weaknesses and resistances make logical sense: Water places out Fire, Bugs eat Grass, and Dragons are at all times slain in Fairy(tales). However, different sort relationships may be tougher to recollect.

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In explicit, Bsause7 says, “No idea why but I keep thinking Bug is weak to ice.” It’s straightforward to see why, as bugs do not are likely to do nicely with chilly temperatures in actual life. It’s a false impression that’s seemingly shared by many primarily based on the variety of affirming replies they bought on Reddit.

6 What Are Psychics Afraid Of?

There are a number of extremely highly effective Psychic-Type Pokémon, however it may be harder to recollect the typing benefits and drawbacks for the extra summary varieties. It is sensible that fireplace burns grass, however what’s the thoughts robust and weak in opposition to?

Luckily, Oceanbirb160 has a straightforward approach to keep in mind that Psychic is weak to Dark, Bug, and Ghost-types, saying, “bugs, being in the dark, and ghosts are all very common phobias people have!” Indeed, the designers did a fantastic job representing worry as a weak spot for this highly effective class of monsters.

5 Why Is Gyarados Flying Type?

There are a number of Pokémon that appear like they need to have a unique sort mixture than they do, and one of many unique 150 monsters that continues to confuse gamers is the mighty Gyarados.

Redditor Shadby places their confusion bluntly, expressing, “Seriously,why does it have the Flying type?” It does seem complicated when the creature is a dragon-looking monster that lives strictly within the water, however its typing is definitely the results of its being a Pokémon impressed by mythology. In this case, it is an homage to a carp that climbed excessive up a mountain and have become a dragon that flew over mountains.

4 Dragon Misconceptions

While there are some weaknesses and resistances within the video games that do not appear to comply with logic, there are others which are lacking that appear like no-brainers. Nu_clear_skin mentions one such lacking weak spot after they say, “I always think that dragon is weak to steel because of the whole “knight slays dragon” thing…”

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It would make sense for dragons to be weak to metal given the above logic and their weak spot to Fairy (seemingly hinting at fairytales), however, for some purpose, the alternative is true. Instead of Dragon being weak to Steel, Steel resists Dragon.

3 Gengar Doesn’t Represent All Ghosts

While there are fairly a number of now, there was just one evolutionary line of Ghost-types within the first Pokémon video games: Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar. Given this, some long-time gamers had their notion of Ghost-types formed by them, although these ideas aren’t at all times correct.

Gengar is weak to Psychic-type assaults, which has led gamers like Sea-Outside9028 to “always think Ghost is weak to psychic…” However, that is truly due to Gengars often-forgotten secondary typing, Poison, which is at all times weak to Psychic.

2 Sudowoodo’s Name Is Important

Most Pokémon have a reputation and design that matches their typing, however Sudowoodo’s look and identify are literally intentional misdirections. While it appears to be like and feels like they need to be not less than partially grass-type, they don’t seem to be.

The purpose, as Ryanzzy factors out, is sort of intelligent: ” I forgot he’s fake.” The identify is supposed to sound like “Pseudo-wood,” indicating that it is a monster that solely pretends to be a tree to keep away from being attacked by potential enemies within the wild.

1 Ice Doesn’t Resist Much

It’s each a blessing and a curse that not all kinds are balanced by way of having the identical variety of weaknesses and resistances. However, it does appear that some varieties get the brief finish of the aggressive stick.

Redditor SapphireLime mentions one, saying, “i constantly forget ice resists nothing but itself.” Indeed, it makes it troublesome to make use of defensively-oriented ice varieties after they’re weaker to excess of they resist. Fortunately, combing them with a complementary sort will help shore up this potential downfall.

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