10 Movies That Redditors Would Love To Live In


Generating lots of pleasure amongst followers of the star-studded solid, Don’t Worry Darling lately got here to the massive display screen with an intriguing plot line. Trailers gave the trace of an idyllic world that comes tumbling down, as all is just not in addition to it appears.

In a film stuffed with twists and turns, maybe residing of their world would not be best, however there are many films which have constructed a comforting setting which audiences may image themselves in. Redditors have taken to the positioning to debate which movies they might most wish to reside in.


10/10 Harry Potter

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A world of magic that has turn into a favourite in lots of a family, ought to come as no shock as being nominated for a film that will be nice to reside in.

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Reddit consumer FlashyImplement4371 clearly wrote “My choice would be Harry Potter.” The Wizarding World is an exciting idea, and who’s to say anybody must face the identical issues as Harry and his pals? Living in the identical world may merely imply residing among the many pleasure of magic and all the advantages it may carry to life.

9/10 The Lord Of The Rings

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When a world is totally indifferent from something viewers would ever know, the intrigue of understanding what it will be wish to reside there solely enhances. Reddit consumer AmNotFunnyI selected The Lord Of The Rings because the film they’d wish to reside in, with the situation that it will be “…in happier times of course.”

The movies themselves are stuffed with motion and watchable battles, however for individuals who take pleasure in a quiet life (away from the likes of Sauron and different highly effective beings from The Lord Of The Rings) touchdown in a time once they may merely take pleasure in the fantastic thing about Rivendale or the Shire, is an interesting thought.

8/10 Paddington

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Although a distinct world is intriguing for some, for others, simply being involved with a personality they’ve warmed to from a film would make them wish to reside there.

Redditor KaptenNeptun defined that they might reside in Britain “…if it meant I got to have Paddington as a neighbor.” The fun-loving bear is a pleasure to look at and there is not any doubt he’d be an awesome pal, who anybody may share an journey with alongside the best way. And as a bonus, marmalade sandwiches would by no means be sparse.

7/10 Zombieland

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For those that benefit from the premise of hazard, residing in a film that requires combating to reside will be the adrenaline gas they’d like to reside with. Reddit consumer Evoslip selected “Zombieland, killing zombies and surviving,” which can come as an uncommon selection for some.

However, it could be about combating off Zombies, however the idea of this film is not fairly as intense because the goriest zombie films of all time, due to the comedy factor all through the movie. So it would not simply be all weapons and gore, they could possibly be some laughs alongside the best way.

6/10 The Polar Express

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With the festive season not so distant, Christmas films will slowly begin to come to the forefront of individuals’s minds, as has occurred with one Redditor. Desperate-Isopod-858 said “Polar Express. The most magical feeling.”

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The film brings out the kid in viewers, presenting the sheer delights that Christmas can carry. The Polar Express transports audiences to scenes of happiness and a world freed from on a regular basis stresses. There’s little doubt that it will be an idyllic film to reside in.

5/10 The Great Gatsby

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A film set 100 years in the past caught the eye of 1 Redditor when considering of which film they’d wish to reside in. tRUTh_1S_fEar picked “The Great Gatsby,” a film stuffed with glitz and glamour.

One of Carey Mulligan’s greatest films, the period wherein the film is about brings a brand new fashion, completely different music, and a contrasting way of life in comparison with at this time. With the lavish events, every of these parts comes into play to create a sensational film and construct a world that, for a wealthy pal of Gatsby’s at the very least, can be nice to reside in at the very least for a short while.

4/10 Cast Away

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The coronary heart of a narrative could also be a stuffed with unhappiness and wrestle, however there can nonetheless be causes a viewer would possibly wish to reside in that movie. Redditor Holiday_Warthog_8267 made the purpose that “If I was in Cast Away on an Island and alone, I’d be very happy.”

The solitude Chuck Noland finds himself in is horrifying and never one thing he needs to stay in. But in at this time’s hectic world, getting away from the insanity and busy life-style is strictly what some individuals want. It’s clear why Chuck Noland did not really feel the identical, however when somebody has the choice, it will be simpler to reside on the island.

3/10 The Invention Of Lying

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Ricky Gervais has a catalog of labor that has created nice characters and settings. For Reddit consumer Shamon_Yu the most effective movie to reside in can be “The Invention Of Lying.”

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The movie’s premise is a few man who turns into the primary individual with the power to lie. It can be fascinating to reside within the movie and see what it is wish to be round individuals who can solely ever inform the reality. The world would undoubtedly be a totally new place and would change individuals’s interactions with one another.

2/10 Mary Poppins

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Mary Poppins is acknowledged as one in every of Julie Andrews’ best ever films, with generations of people who find themselves very aware of the musical.

Reddit consumer Shelby-Stylo defined why they might select the Disney traditional to reside in by stating “I love those big houses, walking to work, nice parks and the way everyone dresses.” The old style London portrayed within the film is each bit as essential to the plot line because the characters. It helps to set the scene and offers a heat, romantic view of town. The simplicity of strolling to work in a fairly setting is a powerful draw for some followers.

1/10 The Chronicles Of Narnia

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Specifically stating the place they’d wish to be within the film, Reddit consumer DisneyDreams7 mentioned they’d wish to reside in “Narnia from Chronicles Of Narnia. Easily the most peaceful and beautiful fantasy world.”

One of the primary issues to spring to thoughts on the point out of the film title is how picturesque the surroundings and settings had been. Specifically, The Long Winter supplied mesmerizing landscapes that had been a real winter wonderland, just like these present in a Christmas film. Fighting apart, it will be a beautiful place to reside as a result of lovely surroundings and the abundance of magic.

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