10 Psychological Thrillers Whose Plot Twists Shocked Redditors


Netflix brings a brand new psychological thriller to the forefront, with The Good Nurse revolving round a serial killer masquerading as a nurse. There have been loads of different entries within the style which have captivated audiences with grey moralities and tension-filled twists, with Redditors noting the flicks that shocked them essentially the most.

These embrace mainstream motion pictures like Shutter Island to area of interest movies akin to Burning, though all of the Redditors’ picks have moments the place viewers are shocked by the flip of occasions. Hence, these plot twists are remembered for elevating the narrative and altering the pacing of any psychological thriller.


The Game Turns Out To Be A Giant Set Up

Michael Douglas points a gun in The Game 

Michael Douglas was probably the most iconic actors of the Eighties, however he had some nice flicks a decade later as effectively. The Game is a psychological thriller whose plot twist was one which few noticed coming, with Redditor Llama-Del-Rey- writing that they “thought it was absolutely incredible.”

The story is a couple of egocentric funding banker who receives an odd reward from his brother that makes him the goal of a shady group, successfully ruining his life. The twist reveals that each character concerned staged this occasion in order that the protagonist can lastly grow to be a very good particular person. With so many thrills previous the large reveal, hardly anybody might see The Game’s twist coming.

Infernal Affairs Brings A Second Twist In The End

Two men stand apart from each other in a crowd in Internal Affairs

Infernal Affairs is, sadly, a forgotten unique movie with a well-liked remake, seeing as The Departed is extensively identified. Redditor title_of_yourtape writes that Infernal Affairs “is literally the perfect police thriller because the twists are done so well.”

The movie follows inside males from each the Hong Kong police and the Triads, as every man tries to uncover the opposite’s true identification. Infernal Affairs is crammed with thoughts video games and paranoia over whose cowl can be blown first, just for the twist to point out that the Triads had a second mole inside the police. Viewers are saved guessing proper up till the tip over how issues will transpire.

The Lives of Others’ Ending Changes The Story’s Context

A man talks on the radio in The Lives of Others

The Lives of Others is a psychological drama the place East German spy Wiesler is tasked with interfering with the lifetime of his goal, Dreyman, and fully upend it. Redditor Thrillwaters appreciated the finale twist, writing that they “found it really affecting.”

They consult with the reveal that Wiesler had discreetly been aiding his goal to forestall his superiors from ruining his life. The Lives of Others reveals fairly just a few issues that go dangerous for Dreyman, implying that Wiesler is behind it, however the ending takes a U-turn to point out that he was defending him all alongside. As a outcome, there’s a transferring sentiment behind this in any other case gripping spy thriller.

The Handmaiden Is Based Around An Unknown Secret

Four people wearing fancy clothes pose for a photo in The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden is stuffed to the brim with twists and turns, centering round a conman who hires a thief to trick an heiress into marrying him. Redditor wildstyle_method claims that the movie’s general twist “was such a great surprise…knew nothing about it going in and loved it.”

The Handmaiden’s psychological facet is fixed, as every character betrays the opposite earlier than it’s revealed that the trickster and the heiress had secretly been in cahoots as lovers. It’s not the best viewing because of the film’s express nature, though the plot twists definitely astonish quite a few occasions.

The Night House Reveals An Otherworldly Villain

Rebecca Hall touches her face in The Night House

The Night House is a psychological horror-thriller with a minimal solid, as the principle character is stalked by an unknown entity in her home after her husband’s demise. Redditor julius_33 claims they “watched it for a second time the day after [they] discovered it. It’s a very clever film.”

The Night House messes with viewers by continuously making it seem as if the protagonist’s husband is likely to be behind all of it, just for the ending to disclose that it’s an otherworldly entity. It’s a movie that must be rewatched to know what every scene is meant to imply to be able to actually perceive the plot twist.

The Skin I Live In Has A Shocking Reveal Of The Protagonist’s Identity

Antonio Banderas touches a woman's face seated next to him in The Skin I Live In

The Skin I Live In is a psychological thriller in each sense of the style, that includes a topsy-turvy plot the place the identities of the characters are continuously in query. Redditor thisistheperfectname discovered it stunning and satisfying as a result of watching “all the pieces coming together is extremely satisfying.”

The story could be extraordinarily disturbing in nature, because the movie progressively reveals that Antonio Banderas has saved an individual hostage and performed a cosmetic surgery process on them to alter their identification. That’s removed from the one twist, as The Skin I Live In retains them coming till the ultimate second.

The Vanishing Traumatizes Viewers In Its Final Moments

A man stands in an abandoned gas station in The Vanishing

The Vanishing facilities round a person who turns into obsessive about studying the reason for his girlfriend’s disappearance till her captor approaches him and guarantees to disclose what he did. Redditor urbannoangeldecay writes that the movie’s “end messed [them] up for weeks afterward.”

The climax makes it appear as if the protagonist will search the solutions he wants till the villain shockingly locations him in the identical entice as his girlfriend. The Vanishing’s twist is definitely grim for many who need justice for the principle character, with the villain popping out on prime in a really brutal method.

Triangle Turns Out To Be Based On A Time Loop

A hooded figure with a gun stands behind a woman in Triangle

Triangle is one other thriller that may mess with viewers’ minds, primarily due to the numerous totally different eventualities that happen. Redditor BaconSanwich preferred that Triangle “keeps people guessing the whole time…really good ending.” The story facilities round a girl who arrives together with her pals on an deserted ocean liner the place they’re stalked by a killer.

The Triangle’s large twist is that all the things that’s occurred is a part of a time loop, with a number of eventualities coming collectively on the similar time – the protagonist is concurrently evading the killer and is the precise killer herself from one other timeline. Triangle’s reveal will go away many marveling on the flip of occasions for the reason that essential character is the hero and the villain.

Shutter Island Lies To Viewers Right From The Beginning

A man hugs a woman who's crumbling in Shutter Island

Shutter Island is well essentially the most rewatchable film by Martin Scorsese for audiences to determine all of the clues after the large plot twist. Redditor Guido-Guido writes that the “production quality to the acting, the symbolism, the twist – that movie is great.”

Shutter Island begins off with Leonardo DiCaprio’s Teddy Daniels arriving on the island as a U.S. Marshal to analyze a lacking affected person till varied hints reveal that Daniels himself is the affected person. Shutter Island has dozens of clues sprinkled all through the movie for viewers to choose up on this revelation, though most are prone to be shocked by the reality.

Burning Leaves Everything Grimly Ambiguous

Three people sit on the house porch in Burning

Redditor ok_soooo was so impressed with Burning that they “immediately had to tell all [their] friends to watch it so [they] could talk more about what happened.” Burning stands as the most effective motion pictures starring Steven Yeun, and is a masterful thriller for the best way it by no means outright reveals if the supposed antagonist is even accountable.

The story facilities round a younger man, Jong-su, who falls in love with a childhood pal, Hae-mi, who retains appearing erratically after befriending a mysterious man named Ben. The climactic shocker comes from Jong-su’s killing of Ben when he believes that he’s murdered Hae-mi, but there’s no concrete proof if that’s even true. The countless materials for hypothesis makes Burning a extremely intriguing psychological story.

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