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Merriam Webster, could she relaxation in peace, can inform us higher than anybody that for those who can really feel it, see it, scent it, hear it, and even simply sense it, there’s in all probability a phrase for it. There are over 1,000,000 phrases within the English language, a quantity that’s so giant but thrown round so continuously that it’s not all the time that straightforward to really grasp simply how many phrases that’s. According to some exams which were run all through the years, the typical native English speaker is aware of from 20,000 to 35,000 phrases. That’s someplace round 2% of all the phrases that Merriam Webster has in her e book of data, leaving us with one thing like 980,000 phrases to go. We’re actually not even making a dent.

While it appears unimaginable to study and decide to reminiscence these different 980,000 phrases, we will’t essentially say for certain whether or not it’s or not. But what we will say is that there are a whole lot of phrases on the market that you just in all probability didn’t know have been formally within the English language dictionary. Look up pendejo meaning, for an instance of 1 you’ve by no means heard earlier than, or “kerfuffle” for one you will have heard however didn’t know made the minimize as an official phrase. You’d be stunned what you may discover flipping via the pages of Merriam Webster’s e book. But for those who don’t have a dictionary useful, don’t sweat it. Here are a few of our favourite phrases that you just in all probability didn’t know made the minimize. Try them out and shock your folks. 


This might be one you’ve heard earlier than, possibly even one you’ve used earlier than, however do you know it’s really within the dictionary? That’s proper, this pretty insulting slang phrase for somebody who makes use of a bit an excessive amount of cocaine (although isn’t any cocaine technically too a lot cocaine?) is definitely inscribed into our English language dictionary. It just about speaks for itself, so we don’t must get too deep into the definition, nevertheless it’s all the time enjoyable to shock individuals with the enjoyable indisputable fact that the situation of being a coke-head is definitely an actual factor. 


We talked about it above, however for those who search for pendejo which means, you may get a little bit of a chuckle out of it. Pendejo is an effective way to insult somebody for a few causes. For one, it’s inventive, and for 2, the receiver of the insult received’t even know what you’re saying until they go search for pendejo which means for themselves. 

Pendejo is a Spanish insult, used as slang for “idiot” or “asshole,” however the literal which means (for my part) is even higher: pubic hair. So if somebody’s actually attending to you, name them a pendejo. If they give the impression of being it up later, any of these three definitions they could discover will in all probability get your level throughout. 


Seriously, do you know this can be a actual phrase? The quantity of instances I’ve mentioned this phrase myself or heard this phrase from others with out realizing that it’s really within the dictionary, Merriam Webster-approved, is comical. The enjoyable factor about “yowza” is that it doesn’t have a strict definition, although it’s within the e book. It’s nonetheless loosely outlined as a phrase used to specific, properly, a spread of feelings. From approval to enthusiasm and even empathy (ever expressed unhealthy news and somebody responded with “yowza”?), this phrase says all of it. It may simply be the solely phrase you want, now that you already know it’s official. 


It’s solely proper that “hangry” made it into the official e book of phrases. You in all probability know what this one means, nevertheless it made the dictionary, so now you already know that it’s actually a part of the English language since 2015. If you don’t know, it’s precisely what it seems like: a mixture of hungry and indignant, leading to that particular type of unhealthy temper you enter when you really want to go eat a meal. Use it, educate it to your friends, and inform your youngsters it would pop up on the SAT sometime. 


Yes, this isn’t even a phrase, nevertheless it’s within the dictionary, and I’m grateful it’s as a result of it’s not instantly apparent what this acronym means. I acquired used to seeing this everywhere in the web, scratching my head at it and stubbornly making an attempt to determine it out utilizing context clues till sooner or later I lastly caved and seemed it up. It means “too long; didn’t read,” and it may be used as a snarky response to one thing that’s too lengthy, or to preface a really temporary abstract of that too-long textual content. Whether you employ it or not, at the least you now know what it means. 


This is one it’s possible you’ll not have heard or seen earlier than, however I’m keen to wager you’ve skilled it. Dysania is outlined as “a psychological inability to get out of bed,” or, as I view it, the situation I come down with each morning. Next time you need to name out sick from work, inform your boss you’ve been recognized with dysania and you haven’t any selection however to spend the day recovering. Who is aware of, possibly they’ll look it up and notice they’ve dysania, too. 


If anybody in your life likes to throw across the occasional Yiddish phrase or phrase, you then’ve in all probability heard “putz” earlier than. But do you know it’s each a noun and a verb? The dictionary says all of it. Personally, I’ve solely used putz as a phrase to explain what I’m doing after I’m killing time or procrastinating, however now I do know it has a extra adverse connotation than I’d ever thought, and that it’s additionally an insult when used as a noun. In its noun kind, a putz is both somebody who’s thought-about to be silly, or it’s a vulgar slang phrase for a sure a part of male genitalia. Personally, I consider it’s all the time good to have just a few distinctive insults in your again pocket. Now you may add putz to the checklist. 


This one is for all these on the market who’ve tried to elucidate what a meme is to somebody who’s actually simply not getting it. Maybe it’s a guardian, possibly it’s a grandparent, or possibly it’s a good friend who’s simply not “online,” however too many people have tried to search out the phrases to explain what precisely this new type of web communication/leisure is and are available up brief. Well, you’re in luck. Meme is now a phrase within the dictionary with an official definition. So subsequent time you’re trying to elucidate what a meme is (and the way it’s pronounced), you may simply flip open the great ol’ Merriam Webster, and she or he’ll be capable to say what you merely couldn’t. 


You’ve in all probability mentioned this phrase earlier than, and for those who haven’t, then your dad in all probability has mentioned it on a household trip or one thing whereas being a typical dad. If you’re unfamiliar, to skedaddle is to depart shortly, however most individuals simply use it as a phrase for “leave” or “depart.” Someone may say “I think it’s time to skedaddle” as you’re ending up at a restaurant, for instance. It doesn’t all the time should be taken as its literal dictionary definition (which means don’t dine and sprint if somebody suggests it within the restaurant setting), however at the least now you already know it has a literal dictionary definition. 


Saving the very best for final right here. A smellfungus is not what it seems like. It has nothing to do with scents or aromas or mushrooms in any respect. Rather, it’s a noun and can be utilized to confer with an individual who all the time manages to discover a fault in every part, a complainer. It’s mentioned to have come from the title of a hypercritical character in “A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy,” a satirical model of Tobias Smollett. But you don’t even must know that a lot. All it’s essential know is subsequent time you’re having fun with one thing and the particular person you’re with complains, you may name them a smellfungus. 



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