15 Best Westworld Episodes, Ranked (According To IMDb)

In phrases of recognition, Westworld is probably second solely to Game of Thrones as one in all HBO’s most profitable exhibits. Since 2016 the present has entertained followers over the course of 21 episodes. Its distinctive story, based mostly on the work of Michael Crichton, has drawn in hundreds of thousands with out fail over the previous 4 years; with complicated characters pressured to navigate an already complicated stability between what’s actual and what’s synthetic.

Set to proceed with extra seasons, Westworld’s fan base will undoubtedly be reinvigorated. Here is the very best of what the present has needed to supply thus far.

Updated on July thirtieth, 2022, by Shawn S. Lealos: Westworld returned with its fourth season in 2022, and the standard has not lessened. While there weren’t as many episodes from the third season that impressed followers on IMDb, the fourth season has already had a few standouts that show that the genius and ingenious nature of the present is as sturdy as ever. That fourth season picked up seven years after the third ended after which time jumped once more to 23 years later. This makes it fascinating to see the place the present finally ends up, as a fifth season is coming to HBO and followers are hoping that the present will stick the touchdown and beat out the very best exhibits of the season thus far, at the very least so far as IMDb followers are involved.


15 Dissonance Theory (S1 E4) – 8.6

Man in Black in Westworld Dissonance Theory.

In the primary season, issues moved slowly to the purpose the place viewers realized nothing was because it appeared. “Dissonance Theory” was the episode the place Westworld confirmed that Dolores was getting nearer to her personal consciousness.

However, what actually makes this episode so beloved by followers is Westworld fan-favorite character, The Man in Black, and his actions right here. He finally ends up arrested and thrown into jail, and he did it for one cause – to interrupt out Hector Escaton. From the breakout to the exhibiting of energy by The Man in Black, “Dissonance Theory” exhibits why he’s such an excellent character.

14 Contrapasso (S1 E5) – 8.6

A still from Westworld Contrapasso.

In the primary season episode “Contrapasso,” Dolores makes an enormous transfer towards her transformation. She lastly loses the nice woman in a loopy land character and at last realizes one thing could be very improper behind the scenes of the theme park.

This was the halfway level of the primary season, and it included a improbable duel between Dolores and Maeve. The collection additionally proved it wasn’t scared to take issues in very completely different instructions, and there was no slowing down after this.

13 The Mother Of Exiles (S3 E4) – 8.7

Charlotte in Westworld.

The third season of Westworld combined issues up and plenty of followers did not take the change properly. Only one third season episode obtained a excessive IMDb rating, and that was “The Mother of Exiles,” which was simply the very best episode of the season for a number of causes.

The Man in Black made his return on this episode, which seemingly made IMDb followers very blissful. With so many new characters and new variations of previous ones, bringing again William gave it a shot of adrenaline, and there was a improbable battle between Bernard and Stubbs.

12 Vanishing Point (S2 E9) – 8.7

This episode initially revolves round Emily and William as they journey to search out remedies for the latter’s accidents by Lawrence. At first, they mirror on their previous and Juliet’s suicide; they each blame one another for it, Emily insisting that her mom had seen his reminiscence card and killed herself out of disgust.

He proceeded to kill Emily, believing her to easily be a number. However, when he discovers that she had the reminiscence card, verifying her account of his spouse’s dying, William contemplates how displaced he’s from actuality.

11 Trace Decay (S1 E8) – 8.7

Trace Decay actually hits dwelling the extent of complexity that Westworld can supply with Dolores experiencing a number of completely different timelines. More central to the theme of the episode, Dr. Ford and Bernard communicate a lot on the morality of killing Theresa and the that means of struggling as a Host, a dialogue during which Ford insists the ethical points Bernard faces are immaterial.

The Doctor expresses his philosophy that the distinction between human and Host feelings is non-existent, bluntly stating that “consciousness does not exist.” Bernard, in flip, involves the belief that the ‘merciful’ reminiscence wipe Ford proposes had been carried out on him earlier than.

10 The Passenger (S2 E10) – 8.7

The finale of season 2 was a surprising upset to the plot. In this episode, the Valley Beyond is introduced as a tangible protected haven for the Hosts to flee to. Bernard, knowledgeable that he’s the important thing to accessing it, gives the rebellious Dolores the possibility to enter the Valley.

He kills her when she refuses and makes an attempt to destroy it and the entire company, however then restores her inside a Charlotte-modeled physique after recalling that her management unit was nonetheless intact. She and Bernard are subsequently in a position to go away with Delos personnel into the skin world. This is implied to have apocalyptic implications in a post-credit scene, the place William finds himself in a shattered future confronted by what seems to be a Host modeled after his daughter.

9 The Original (S1 E1) – 8.8

The pilot episode of Westworld did a superb job of creating the general setting and fundamental guidelines of the world. Dolores and The Man in Black (William) are each launched on this episode, the latter being an obvious visitor of Westworld who malevolently interacts with the robotic Hosts of the park.

The episode additionally introduces the primary plotline of the Host’s changing into self-aware, with the park workers scrambling to rectify ‘errors’ within the Host programming. This is punctuated by Dolores violating the Asimov-like directive to not kill residing issues when she nonchalantly kills an insect.

8 The Adversary (S1 E6) – 8.8

In addition to the continued journey of The Man in Black, “The Adversary” introduces numerous subplots. Dr. Ford is revealed to have maintained a number of first-generation Hosts inside a cabin in Westworld, constructed to resemble the Doctor’s previous household. As they’re comparatively unmonitored, these Host’s hassle Bernard, who’s exceptionally involved along with his lack of ability to command these a lot older machines.

Meanwhile, Maeve learns the reality of her existence and the aim of Westworld. Despite their discovery that somebody had already carried out so, she then blackmails two technicians into growing her intelligence.

7 The Riddle Of The Sphinx (S2 E4) – 8.9

A terrific deal is revealed on this episode in regards to the motivations behind Delos. The founding father of the corporate, James Delos, is revealed to have labored with William prior to now towards the objective of transferring his consciousness to that of a number. This undertaking was initially believed to achieve success, however within the current William sees that James’ psychological state has deteriorated past salvation.

By the tip of the episode, William kills Craddock and Emily (who has escaped her supposed captivity by the Ghost Nation) reveals herself to be his daughter

6 Generation Loss (S4 E4) – 9.0

Maeve and Caleb in Westworld Generation Loss.

“Generation Loss” was the season 4 episode the place issues modified, and IMDb followers voted it as one in all their two favourite episodes of the 2022 season. In the episode, Maeve and Caleb set off into the roaring 20s, and this was probably the most surprising episode of the season and one which modified all the things once more.

This was presumably the episode most just like the primary season than something since then. This episode revealed that Charlotte had flies that may infect a human and permit her to manage them. Maeve additionally faces off with William, who’s a number now, and a strong one, giving this episode The Man in Black that followers at all times need to see extra of.

5 Zhuangzi (S4 E5) – 9.0

Charlotte in Zhuangzi.

It appeared unlikely that “Zhuangzi” may compete with the episode that got here the week earlier than, “Generation Loss.” However, whereas it did not have the foremost reveals of the earlier episode, with Charlotte’s plan revealed, the episode nonetheless obtained an equal rating from IMDb voters.

What helped maintain this episode extremely rated for followers on IMDb was the truth that it saved issues transferring and did not ship anybody a break. This episode exhibits Charlotte attempting to ship hosts to kill any people she will’t management, and that’s when Christina steps up as her attainable nemesis, making ready viewers for the ultimate half of the season. It additionally helped clear up some complicated elements of the Westworld timeline.

4 Kiksuya (S2 E8)– 9.0

After being wounded by Lawrence within the earlier episode, William is captured by Akechata. The latter intends to repay William for his copious abuses in opposition to the hosts. However, when he observes that Maeve’s daughter acknowledges William from his previous violent excursions, Akechata refocuses to consolation her.

He tells her that he too has reminiscences which have survived the psychological reset all hosts undergo on the finish of each day. His state is later revealed to correlate with Maeve’s growing management of the Hosts, as the 2 are in a position to converse remotely.

3 The Well-Tempered Clavier (S1 E9) – 9.3

Despite having been wiped of Theresa’s homicide, Bernard is stunned by Maeve whereas analyzing her. She is ready to remind him of the truth that he’s a Host earlier than returning to additional achieve this for Hector. After failing to seize Dolores, Logan is made to know by William that the Hosts should not price being connected to, as they’re components of a mere sport.

These sentiments are echoed later by the Man in Black, who says as a lot after surviving an try by Wyatt to kill him. The self-aware Bernard resolves to interrupt his captivity and tries to kill his creator however is overridden and compelled by Ford to shoot himself.

2 Trompe L’Oeil (S1 E7) – 9.4

Theresa options closely in among the finest Westworld episodes as she plots to take away Ford from his place by demonstrating that Hosts are liable to behave violently on reminiscences they shouldn’t have. To this finish, she sabotages an indication during which Charlotte turns into hostile to a stand-in for a human customer. Bernard, having comparable goals towards Ford, helps Theresa.

Their findings make them a facility during which a number of Hosts are saved in varied phases of completion. Bernard finds one in all himself and learns that he’s not human. Ford then seems and orders him to kill Theresa.

1 The Bicameral Mind (S1 E10) – 9.7

In the highest-rated episode and the finale of season one, the Man in Black’s id is revealed to be that of an older William. For three many years he visited the park, hoping that Dolores would have the ability to keep in mind him. Her capability to take action is revealed to be a consequence of her possessing the narrative of Wyatt in addition to her personal.

This had been a part of a protection for sure Host’s mechanism in opposition to Ford’s reminiscence wipes put in by Arnold. By the tip of the episode, Dolores kills Ford, whereas Armistice and Hector revolt in opposition to the ability workers.

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