20 Million Rupees Spent To Arm Ukraine Now US General Says War Can Only Be Resolved Through Dialogue


Washington. Almost a year has passed since the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Meanwhile, the grave statements of America’s top generals have come to the fore. US General Mark Miley said in a statement that the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine can only be resolved through dialogue. At the same time, he said it may not be possible to force Russia out of Ukraine completely this year if fighting continues.

US Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Miley and US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin speak at a joint press conference in Germany. Prior to this, the 8th meeting of the Ukrainian Defense Liaison Group was held, attended by the heads of state of more than 50 countries.

At a press conference, Mark Miley said, militarily speaking, it would be very difficult to force Russia out of Ukrainian soil completely this year. said. Mark Miley said it would depend on the delivery of US weapons and the training of the Ukrainian military.

The American general said this war, like many other wars in the past, would end at the negotiating table. can let The US also announced $2.5 billion in financial aid to Ukraine on Thursday. Since then, US aid to Ukraine has reached $27 billion.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the contact group was becoming more determined as Russia’s excesses increased. Many countries have stepped forward to help Ukraine. France, Germany and the UK donated air defense systems to Ukraine, and Germany donated Patriot batteries.

White House NSC coordinator John Kirby has accused the Russian private army Wagner Group of committing human rights abuses and torturing Ukrainian people. It is increasingly turning to the Wagner Group, owned by Evgeny Prigozhin, for military support. We have received information that tensions are rising between the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Wagner Group.

The Wagner Group is emerging as the new center of power against the Russian military. Prigogine and his men criticize the Russian army and its generals. Kirby said the Wagner Group fighting in Ukraine currently has about 50,000 fighters. The US government has imposed several sanctions on the Wagner Group and declared it an organized crime organization.


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