200 speed, will run on these routes, what’s new in the new Vande India?


DNA Hindi: The Vande Bharat Express train is receiving a good response across the country. That is why work is being done quickly to increase the network. So far the country has received 8 Vande Bharat Express. Although till now only chair coach arrangement was available in Vande Bharat Express but now sleeper coach arrangement will also start soon. Railways are planning to design sleeper version (Vande Bharat Sleeper Trains) in Bharat Express train.

According to news agency PTI, the Vande Bharat Express sleeper trains are being prepared to run at a speed of 220 kilometers per hour. However, these aluminum sleeper trains will run at a speed of 200 km per hour on the tracks. Vande Bharat Express trains with these coaches will be replaced by Shatabdi Express in a phased manner, while the sleeper version will be an alternative to Rajdhani Express trains. Railways has floated a tender for 400 Vande Bharat trains and the work will be approved by the end of this month.

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The wagons will be made of steel
According to the plan, the first 200 Vande Bharat trains will have Shatabdi Express-style seating and be designed to travel at a speed of 180 kmph. But given the insufficient safety and security of the railway line, their speed may initially be limited to 130 km/h. The carriages of all trains will be made of steel.

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In the second phase, 200 Vande Bharat trains will be sleepers and will be made of aluminium. The second edition of the Vande Bharat sleeper trains will run at a top speed of 200 kmph. For this purpose, the Delhi-Mumbai, Delhi-Kolkata railway lines are being repaired, signaling systems, bridges are being repaired and fences are being installed. Officials said that in the next two years, 400 trains will be made at ICF in Chennai in Tamil Nadu, Latur Rail Factory in Maharashtra and Sonipat in Haryana.

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