21 Reasons for Hairfall: 21 reasons for hair fall


Want to find the cause of your hair loss? Details can be seen in the post.

Once hair loss begins, it can be difficult to control hair loss. Many people have the problem of hair loss. There may be many reasons for this, such as diet and heredity. There is a belief that only old people experience hair loss, but this is not true. Hair loss can occur at any stage of life and can start as early as the teenage years. From a human head of 1 lakh individual hairs, about 100 hairs fall out every day. But if this number reaches 500-1000, it is severe hair loss.

Your hair is not only a matter of beauty, it is also an expression of your health. Anjali Mukherjee, a dietitian who coaches Miss India contestants, shared some information on her Instagram page. He has also described the causes of hair loss in it. These include work stress, stress, pregnancy, menopause, hormonal imbalance etc.

What are the causes of hair loss?

21 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Falling Out

  • Genetic problem – If there is any genetic problem in your body then hair loss may occur.
  • Child birth – After giving birth to babies, mothers may experience hair loss.
  • Swelling and inflammation – Hair loss due to health problems.
  • Hormonal imbalance – If there is a hormonal problem in your body, the first thing that will affect your hair is your scalp.
  • Thyroid – Hair fall due to hyper and hypo thyroid problem.
  • PCOD – Your hair may fall out if you have PCOD problem.

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  • Estrogen imbalance – Hair falls despite many things in the body being imbalanced.
  • Insulin resistance – Hair fall even if you have diabetes in your body.
  • Chronic degenerative disease– Prolonged illness can cause hair loss.
  • Autoimmune disease – If your body is unable to control the immune system, hair loss will occur.
  • Depression– If you have a depression problem, this can also cause your hair to fall out.
  • Androgens – If you have excess androgens in your body, you may experience excessive hair loss.
  • Digestive problems – If your body has a problem related to digestion, hair falls.
  • Gluten and lactose problem – Having trouble digesting gluten or lactose can cause a lot of hair loss.hair fall
  • Vitamin and iron deficiency – Even if your body is deficient in iron and vitamins, hair fall will occur.
  • Enzyme deficiency – If you have any enzyme deficiency in your body, you will have hair loss problem.
  • Improper diet – Even if you don’t take food with proper nutrients, hair falls out.
  • Excessive hair treatment– Due to excessive hair care treatments, your hair may fall out.
  • surgery – Hair loss can happen after any surgery and taking too many medicines.
  • Poor sleeping habits– If you have sleep related problems or if your sleep cycle is disturbed due to any reason then hair loss will occur.

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If these health problems also occur to you, you should consult a doctor. No beauty treatment will help in these problematic conditions. Correct these underlying problems with a doctor’s guidance.

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