3 reasons to wait for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The promising shooter will be released on all platforms on October 28. This game is definitely worth looking at.

Call of Duty franchise is very popular among gamers. You can read about how many people play this shooter by the link: https://cq-esports.com/articles/esports/how-many-people-play-call-of-duty.

Taking into consideration the great success of the previous Modern Warfare series and the Infinity Ward team that took part in the development of the second part, gamers should be waiting for something really special. Let’s talk about three more reasons why you will like the new CoD.

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) is one of the best games in the series

In October 2019, Infinity Ward shocked everyone with the reboot of Modern Warfare. The game turned out to be of very high quality.

Among the merits of the shooter and realistic animation, and full support after release, and bold decisions of the developers. The gameplay of Modern Warfare (2019) itself is the embodiment of the entire Call of Duty franchise, especially the network mode. We got a fast and tough shooter, any game session in which can be compared to a swim with sharks: adrenaline rush is guaranteed.

All this was created by Infinity Ward studio, which is preparing Modern Warfare 2. Projects of other developers, released in the franchise, in terms of quality are not comparable to the product IW.

That is why they have high hopes for the studio. Gamers are confident that this time the Call of Duty franchise will not fail.

2. The plot is built around the drug cartels, which is not often found in modern games

There were a lot of actions and Hollywood movies about Mexican drug lords, but the modern shooters’ authors avoid this issue. We can remember only a bad Call of Juarez: The Cartel and some Battlefield Hardline. However, all of these games are far from Call of Duty with its directing and variety of weapons.

Infinity Ward specialists are able to open the theme of drug cartels in their project. As we can see, the shooter will focus on the local conflicts and secret special operations, which is much more interesting than the classic open encounters that many other games offer to gamers.

In addition, it will be interesting to see the result of Infinity Ward’s artists’ labors. Hot Mexico, dense green jungle and armed bandits in masks – Activision has enough funds and technical abilities to successfully implement the setting.

3. Preliminary information about Modern Warfare 2 is encouraging

It is important that Modern Warfare 2 will be the first in a three-year period of Call of Duty, which will be a full production cycle: Black Ops Cold War was made in just one and a half years, Vanguard tried to create in two, whereas the development of Modern Warfare 2 took three years.

Moreover, the MW sequel is going to be supported for two years: Activision refused the release of the next installment in 2023, so in MW2 gamers will see a lot more interesting content, and the Treyarch team will have time to work on the project without rush. They will have the whole four years.

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