5 Top Crypto Presale Tokens to Invest in Before ETH Merge 2022


Investing in crypto presale projects can be an excellent strategy to get in early on the next big cryptocurrency.

Throughout this guide, we’ll be taking a look at 5 of the top presale crypto tokens and explaining how to buy our number one pick. Let’s get started.

Top Crypto Presale Tokens – Our Picks

We’ve tried to include crypto presale tokens that fulfill a variety of needs. An overview of each can be found below.

  1. Tamadoge Overall Best Crypto Presale Token
  2. Battle Infinity Promising P2E and DeFi Ecosystem
  3. Lucky BlockPopular Platform for NFT Competitions
  4. Centurion Invest Token – Decentralized Investment and Wealth Management
  5. MapMetrics – Earn Crypto While Driving

Top Crypto Presale Tokens – Reviewed

We’ve reviewed eight of the top crypto projects currently in presale. Each shows plenty of room for growth once fully released.

Tamadoge – Overall Best Crypto Presale Token

Tamadoge (TAMA) aims to provide its investors with intrinsic value by creating a play-to-earn game designed to appeal to a wide audience. It has been big with investors raising over $13 million in just a few weeks following its release and as an ERC-based token, the Ethereum merge could cause a surge in demand in the near future.

Tamadoge is centered around a Metaverse world named the Tamaverse in which players can communicate with each other and interact with their 3D-animated pets. Each NFT-based pet (minting starts Q4 2022) can be upgraded using items purchasable from the Tamadoge store.

When a player upgrades their pet, they earn Dogepoints, increasing their ranking on the Tamadoge leaderboard. As a player climbs this leaderboard, they become entitled to a greater share of the rewards pool.

Later in the development cycle, there are plans to implement additional features to Tamadoge. Some of the most exciting include the ability to bring pets into the real world through an augmented reality mobile app and a series of arcade-style P2E games.

One reason why Tamadoge is the best crypto private sale is its tokenomics. The project features an already low supply of 2 billion TAMA which will decrease further over time as 5% of the revenue generated from Tamadoge store sales is burned. This will help to prop up the value of TAMA over the long term.

Tamadoge is perhaps the best crypto presale on the market right now. It already has a post-presale confirmed listing on the centralized exchange LBank and with presale TAMA tokens getting incrementally more expensive as tokens are sold, there’s no better time to check out the project. Join the Tamadoge Telegram for more (admins will never message first).

Battle Infinity – Promising P2E and DeFi Ecosystem

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a project blending DeFi and P2E gaming in order to create an all-in-one platform that investors are loving.

Within the IBAT ecosystem, there are six core features. A fantasy sports league, an NFT marketplace, a Metaverse arena, a collection of player-versus-player P2E games, a decentralized exchange, and a staking platform.

Thanks to its diverse feature set, Battle Infinity appeals to fans of both DeFi and crypto games. This massively opens up the project’s potential user base, and helps to make LBLOCK one of the best long term crypto investments. While Considering IBAT did a 600% increase without any features fully released, it’ll be exciting to see how high the token rises following the rollout of its core features.

The IBAT token is used for just about everything in the Battle Infinity ecosystem. It can be staked, used in the NFT marketplace, and freely traded between users. IBAT uses the BEP-20 standard in order to facilitate fast, low-cost transactions.

The IBAT presale sold out weeks ahead of schedule raising 16,500 BNB highlighting just how many investors are interested in the project. Furthermore, the IBAT token was recently listed on PancakeSwap causing the token to climb by a massive  600% from its presale price.

With the number of features it offers, Battle Infinity could be the best presale crypto 2022. To keep up-to-date with new features and find out about the next big exchange listing, join the Battle Infinity Telegram.

Lucky Block – Popular Platform for NFT Competitions

The Lucky Block (LBLOCK) team has used blockchain technology in order to create the world’s number one NFT competition platform.

The Lucky Block platform hosts regular prize draws that can be entered by purchasing an NFT from NFT Launchpad. As each NFT acts as an entry ticket for a competition, the price varies based on the potential jackpot. This allows Lucky Block to offer both larger rewards and more affordable competitions.

Even after a Lucky Block competition concludes, the NFT remains valuable. Each holder will receive a portion of the rewards pool paid out daily. This means that each NFT provides both long and short-term value.

Toward the end of July, Lucky Block transitioned from the BEP standard to ERC. This has enabled the LBLOCK token to be listed on centralized exchanges (CEX), increasing demand substantially. Furthermore, by moving to the ERC standard, LBLOCK could benefit from the hype surrounding the Ethereum merge.

The most recent CEX listing on MEXC caused the LBLOCK price to surge by around 400% in the days prior. Now, the team has announced a listing on Gate.io. Considering Gate.io is the 6th largest exchange by volume and MEXC was only the 14th, this listing could cause LBLOCK to go parabolic.

With Lucky Block already enjoying increased demand due to a recent listing on the Uniswap DEX, the project is certainly worth checking before prices are pushed higher as a result of the Gate.io listing. Join the Lucky Block Discord in order to be the first to hear about new listings and updates.

Centurion Invest Token – Decentralized Investment and Wealth Management

Centurion Invest Token (CIX) is the native token to the Centurion Invest platform. It uses the ERC standard and was created to power the platform.

With Centurion Invest offering its users a wide range of features, the CIX token has a multitude of use cases. The token can be used in conjunction with CentiPay in order to send and receive funds instantly. It can also be used to reduce fees on the platform’s various investment services.

With Centurion Invest already boasting an established user base, it’s likely that the token will experience a fair bit of demand. Combine this with it using the ERC standard, and CIX could perform well once fully released.

MapMetrics – Earn Crypto While Driving

MapMetrics (MMAPS) is a crypto presale project aiming to reshape mobile navigation.

By creating a community-driven navigation platform, MapMetrics aims to provide users with constantly updating and always accurate maps. The project will reward people for using the service and sharing their location data with the MMAPS token.

Navigation apps and platforms are a key part of the modern world. As such, a platform that provides users with a way to get paid while using these services will likely see a fair bit of demand.


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