A Chinese military plane has survived a collision with a US fighter jet


Chinese military aircraft and American fighter jets flying in the South China Sea region survived the collision. There was a distance of only 10 feet between the two aircraft. America says that somehow our pilot saved the plane, which averted a major accident.

A major accident in the South China Sea area was averted when the US Air Force plane escaped unharmed after colliding with a Chinese military plane. There was only 10 feet of distance between the two aircraft. The US says that if their pilot had not saved the plane in time, a major accident could have occurred. On Thursday, the US military said that last week, a Chinese military plane came so close to a US Air Force aircraft in the South China Sea that there was only a distance of 10 feet between the two. For this reason, the pilot of the American fighter jet had to take immediate action to avoid an accident in international airspace and leave. The incident occurred on December 21, when a Chinese Navy J-11 fighter jet and a US Air Force RC-135 aircraft were flying in the sky.

The US warned China against this action

“We hope that international airspace in the Indo-Pacific region will be used safely and in accordance with international law by all countries,” the US said in a statement. However, there was a gap of 20 feet in front of both.

There was no response from China

Another US official said that the issue has been discussed with the Chinese government. But the Chinese Embassy in the US has not yet responded to this matter. However, China frequently appears to avoid reacting in these situations. In the past, China has given very little reaction to such incidents.

Chinese plane crash in 2001

China has frequently demonstrated its bullying behavior’s in the South China Sea. China claims the entire area as its own. Even before the current incident, China has been challenging the military aircraft of the US and other countries in the South China Sea. In 2001, a Chinese plane collided with another plane, due to which the plane was destroyed and the pilot was also killed.

Everything hasn’t been okay in China and the United States for a long time!

Relations between China and the US have not been very good for a long time. There is always a situation of tension between the two countries. In particular, the two countries have clashed with each other over the Taiwan issue.

Even in the Russian-Ukrainian war, where the US is openly with Ukraine, China is helping Russia. In this war, the different ideologies of the two countries proved that the relations between them are not going to be sweet soon.


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