A huge fire in the barracks in Armenia; 15 soldiers have been killed


A huge fire broke out in a barracks in Armenia on Thursday. Here 15 soldiers have died while three are said to be critical.

Fires burning in military buildings in Armenia

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Armenia I had a big accident on Thursday. A terrible fire broke out in the army yard here. In this, 15 Armenian soldiers were killed and three are said to be critical. The Minister of Defense of Armenia has given this. The Ministry said, “According to what was said earlier, 15 soldiers have been killed and the situation of three soldiers is said to be very serious due to the fire that broke out in the building of the engineering company by terrorists.” Why and why the fire broke out in the battlefield is unknown. More information on this matter is awaited.

The ministry said that the arson attack took place on Thursday in the village of Ajat, east of Gegharkunik in Armenia. Around 01:30 a fire broke out in the barracks. The ministry said the cause of the fire was not immediately known. In early August last year, this happened. In the busy market of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, an explosion went off, followed by a fire. More than a dozen people have been killed in the event.

The country of about 3.2 million people is still recovering from the 2020 war with Azerbaijan. In the year 2020, there was a war between the two countries for six months. During this time, thousands of people from both countries were killed. There is a long-standing conflict between the two countries on the Nagorno-Karabakh border. In 2020, Azerbaijan reclaimed the region. Please tell us that after the Soviet Union split in 1991, Armenia and Azerbaijan regained their independence.

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