A Jain temple whose more than half part is buried in the ground


Today we are going to tell you about such a miraculous Jain temple which is more than half buried in the ground.

Jain Temples In Rajasthan: India is considered to be the stronghold of temples. There are not only Hindu but also many Jain temples here. Each temple has its own importance as well as a unique mystery associated with it. One of these temples is the Jin temple present in Rajasthan whose secret is still unsolved.

our Astrology Expert Dr Radhakant Vats Told us many interesting things related to this temple, which were not only shocking, but the knowledge of science also seemed pale in front of them. So let’s know who is this Jain temple and what is the story related to it.

  • There is a place named Sanganer in Jaipur, Rajasthan where Sanghi Ji Temple is established. This temple is 7 storied but the thing to note is that this temple (Why are the steps of the temple touched) 5 floors of the temple are buried in the ground, that is, these five floors are included inside the ground.
  • It is a belief about this temple that the yakshas themselves reside here and they also protect it. The yakshas reside in that part of the temple which is present underground. The legend of Sanganer is related to the destruction of this place.
  • According to legend, Sanganer was a prosperous kingdom and the temple of Lord Adinath is still established here. It is believed that the states around this place were jealous of its prosperity, that is why they together attacked this state.
sanganer temple in rajasthan
  • The kingdom was destroyed but Adinath could not even touch the temple. Sanganer was resettled by Prince Sanga. It is believed that there used to be a big stepwell near the Sanghiji temple. There is also a very interesting story related to this stepwell.
jain temples in rajasthan
  • No one used to come and go around this stepwell, but one day an elephant started moving towards this stepwell pulling the divine chariot without any mahout. As soon as the elephant reached near the stepwell, it stopped.
  • When people saw that the uncontrollable elephant stopped near the stepwell, they came running and found Digambar Jain in the stepwell. (8 Symbols of Jainism) The idol was seen shining with divine effulgence. The idol was taken out by the people and the temple was built and established.
  • The 5 floors of this temple are underground and in the last floor only and only Digambar Sadhu Jain who follow celibacy is allowed to go. It is believed that no one has been able to reach the last floor of this temple till date.

So this was that Jain temple, today we have told you the secret behind it sinking into the ground. If you liked this story, then definitely share it on Facebook and stay connected with your own website Harzindagi to read more such articles. What do you think about this? Do tell us in the comment box.

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