A trigger-happy underrated actioner that did not should crater on the field workplace ties up unfastened ends on streaming


The pandemic was a nightmare for the theatrical business, and one of the vital unlucky byproducts was that a large variety of underrated, unsung, and acclaimed motion pictures ended up being despatched out to the multiplex to die an agonizing loss of life on the field workplace, with The Protégé deserving of significantly better than it ended up getting.

Directed by GoldenEye, The Mask of Zorro, and Casino Royale‘s Martin Campbell (we’ll simply ignore the actual fact he helmed Green Lantern), scripted by The Equalizer‘s Richard Wenk, and headlined by Maggie Q in another convincing display of her ass-kicking credentials, the action-packed revenge story did at least manage to generate strong reviews from critics and crowds.

However, as much as a 62 percent user rating and 82 percent audience average highlights that we’re speaking a few considerably above-average slab of bone-crunching brutality, The Protégé didn’t stand an opportunity on the COVID-riddled field workplace after lastly rolling out in August of final yr.

Even although the movie didn’t break the financial institution from a budgetary perspective, a worldwide haul of below $9 million was disastrous to say the least, particularly after we wouldn’t precisely have been against the thought of a sequel or two. Sadly, that isn’t going to occur, however The Protégé can not less than endure as a perpetual favourite on-demand.

Per FlixPatrol, the trigger-happy favourite has resurfaced with a vengeance on the Google Play Movies most-watched charts, which isn’t the primary time it’s surged on streaming, and it little question gained’t be the final both.

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