Alia Bhatt told why she hid her pregnancy for 3 months, how she used to work in those difficult days


Alia Bhatt married Ranbir Kapoor in April 2022 and gave birth to daughter Raha in November. Alia’s good news surprised everyone. Alia recently gave an interview, in which she explained why she kept her pregnancy a secret from everyone for 12 weeks i.e. three months. Along with this, she also shared what problems she had to face in her first pregnancy. Alia did a lot of work even during her pregnancy. In this phase, she not only shot for the action film ‘Heart of Stone’ but was also seen promoting her other films.

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor shared good news with fans in June 2022 after getting married on 14 April 2022. Then the actress shared a picture of her sonography on Instagram. Aaliya told in a conversation with our colleague Bombay Times that she kept her pregnancy a secret for 12 weeks because she was asked to do so. But according to Alia, she was forced to because of her work commitments and projects. So he had to work as well as take care of himself so that whatever projects he had taken up, they were completed.

Alia told how she used to work during pregnancy

Because of this, Alia had to work day and night together with the baby bump. Reminiscing those days, Aaliya said, ‘I don’t believe in tying myself to a position unless there is compulsion due to the body. Yes, I was pregnant, so there were a lot of restrictions because of this because pregnancy is such a phase in which you cannot predict anything. I decided to face whatever happened when it came. My baby and my health were my priority. From the very beginning, I had told myself that if I feel comfortable then only I will push myself to do more work.’

hid pregnancy for 12 weeks

Alia further said, ‘Luckily my pregnancy did not hamper my work. But yes, the initial few weeks were difficult as I was very tired and vomited all the time. But then I didn’t tell anyone about it because first 12 weeks you shouldn’t tell anything to anyone. That’s what everyone says. So I kept this thing (pregnancy) to myself. But yes, I was definitely listening to my body.

Aaliya used to sleep in the vanity when she was unwell.

How did Alia manage in those difficult days then? How were you facing those problems? In response, Alia further said, ‘If I felt the need to lie down during the shot, I used to go and sleep in my vanity van. I tried to rest as much as I could. But you also have to fulfill your work commitments. ‘Heart of Stone’ is my first Hollywood film, which I have signed in January (2022). I tried to stick to that schedule, so I didn’t back down. I spoke to the team and they assured me that they will take very good care of me. And it’s been awesome. I managed to finish shooting for my first action film while pregnant. This is a story I will tell for years to come because it makes you realize how capable your body is. Now I have a lot of respect for my body.

Alia Bhatt will be seen in these films in 2023

Talking about the professional front, Alia will soon be seen in Karan Johar’s film ‘Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani’. It will release on 28 April. Whereas Alia’s Hollywood debut ‘Heart of Stone’ will be released on Netflix in 2023. Currently the film is in post-production and its release date has not been announced.


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