Apart from cold, Tahan (Maximum Cold) is also an important indicator of agriculture.


Tahan (January 20 or 21), in Chinese means Maximum Winter, the last of China’s twenty-four solar seasons. At this time, the cold wave often starts moving south. It is also the coldest period of the year in most parts of China. During this period, departments like Railways, Posts & Telecom, Petroleum and Marine Transport have to take special care to take steps to avoid disastrous weather like strong winds, cold wave and heavy snowfall. In agriculture, it is necessary to strengthen the freezing and freezing protection of livestock and winter crops. In ancient times, the maximum cold meant that winter was ending the short farming season. Soon after the maximum winter, spring will start and the new year’s farming work will begin. So besides cold, did you know that maximum cold is also an important indicator of agriculture?

Chinese solar terms are closely related to agriculture. Sometimes farmers can accurately predict crop yields through weather conditions on the same day of the solar cycle. It is said that the day of maximum winter should be cold rather than hot. There are many sayings in China about this. According to them, on the day of maximum winter, when the north wind blows on this day and the weather remains cool, it means that there will be a good harvest in the coming year. Conversely, when the wind blows from the south and the weather is hot on this day, it means that the crop yield will be poor in the coming year. If it rains on this day, the weather may be abnormal in the coming year. Warm and humid weather during the maximum winter period indicates low temperatures and heavy rains from February to April of the following year, which affects crop yields. If there is a lot of snow during the maximum cold period and the locust larvae are frozen to death, then next year the crops will be free from insects, and the crops will be good, and the farmers will have enough food and clothes.

In the period of maximum cold, agricultural production should understand the law of change of temperature, so as to avoid unnecessary losses. Also, the maintenance of farm facilities should be done well. In winter, although there is less farming work in various places, farmers focus on arranging and preparing for the coming year’s spring farming. No matter what the season is, when the maximum cold period arrives, the Chinese New Year is not far away, and spring is slowly approaching. We must maintain a good body to welcome the new year and the arrival of spring.

(Credits-China Media Group, Beijing)


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