Apple Music is getting a new feature that turns your TV into a karaoke machine


With nearly 90 million subscribers, there’s no denying that Apple Music has become a legit success for Apple. And while you’d be hard-pressed to find any Spotify users who would even entertain the notion of jumping ship, Apple continues to slowly but surely add new features to its music subscription service. Most recently, Apple announced a new feature dubbed Apple Music Sing.

As Apple describes it, the feature makes it easy for users to sing along to their favorite songs. What’s more, the feature includes adjustable vocals. This means that users can sing with the original artist’s vocals or push the artist’s vocals to the background.

A look at Apple Music Sing’s features

Besides the aforementioned adjustable vocals, other features include:

  • Real-time lyrics: Users can sing along to their favorite songs with animated lyrics that dance to the rhythm of the vocals.
  • Background vocals: Vocal lines sung simultaneously can animate independently from the main vocals to make it easier for users to follow.
  • Duet view: Multiple vocalists show on opposite sides of the screen to make duets or multi-singer tracks easy to sing along to.

Apple Music Sing will also offer “multiple lyric views to help fans take the lead, perform duets, sing backup, and more.”

And to top it all off, Apple Music Sing will include 50 playlists curated to include popular songs, duets, choruses, and anthems.

When is it coming?

Apple Music Sing will arrive later this month for Apple Music users. It will work on the new Apple TV 4K, iPhone 11 and later models, and the third-gen iPad Pro and later models.


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