Apple shares 10 useful tips for new iPhone owners


After Christmas, people often upgrade from an older iPhone or get a new one for the first time. Whether you got a new phone or want to know more about your old one, Apple has shared ten tricks that could make you a better iPhone owner.

The first tip is related to the latest operating system. With iOS 16, users can lift a subject from the photo background by going to the Photos app, long-pressing the subject of a photo, and then pasting it somewhere else, creating a sticker, etc.

The second iPhone tip is also related to iOS 16. With the new Lock Screen, Apple reminds users that they can apply styles to their Lock Screen photos by adding color filters, widgets, new time fonts, and more.

Another useful feature available with the latest update is the ability to view your Wi-Fi password. While you can conveniently share a Wi-Fi password from your iPhone, you also can find it in Wi-Fi Settings and use Face ID/Touch ID to view the code.

Introduced with iOS 15, Apple highlights text translation using the Live Text feature. Users can open the Camera app and tap the Live Text button on the bottom right corner to learn more about dishes on a menu, read a sign, and more.

Apple also shared an interesting iPhone tip that you might have missed. If you’re in the Photos app, you can tap on the upper left corner to jump to the first photo you took. This is very helpful for those with a large library or trying to find an older photo.

These are just five of the 10 features Apple Support shared on its YouTube channel. You can find all of them in the video below:


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