Ardern’s resignation as New Zealand prime minister could change the course of the 2023 election


Wellington. New Zealand will have a new prime minister by February 7th and a general election on October 14th. This comes after two-time Labor Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced his resignation to spend more time with his family. “For me, now is the time,” he said, speaking from a Labor retreat. Other than that, I have no plans. There are no next steps.

All I know is that whatever I do, I will try to find a way to keep working for New Zealand and look forward to spending time with my family again.. Prime Minister Ardern ‘s resignation will come as a shock to many New Zealanders, especially those living abroad, given the international prestige he has achieved as prime minister over the past five years.

But for those who follow New Zealand politics closely, this comes as a surprise. In November 2021, I wrote in his The Conversation: The game-changing move ahead of Mr Ardern’s election to power in 2017 has resulted in his game-changer in New Zealand politics. Now he has again surprised everyone with today’s decision to relinquish power. This could be a game changer for the October election.

Ardern still leads National’s Christopher Luxon in polls for prime ministerial candidate. So there is no need for Labor to change leaders. With Labor lagging behind in the polls, a change in leadership does not necessarily jeopardize his party’s chances of winning in October. The social and economic impact of the pandemic is so severe that having a new face could help Labor’s outlook. did

In fact, English and National did well in the following year’s election, receiving 44% of the vote. The equation was such that the National failed to form a government and Ardern became Prime Minister.The face of Ardern’s successor will soon be revealed. Ardern has made a name for herself worldwide over the last few years for her efficient management of the pandemic and has done an excellent job as a leader during that period. But Covid-19 has only derailed his position as prime minister.

She fell behind in properly prioritizing some major social goals that should have received more attention, such as child poverty and housing. I know Ardern personally and what I see on TV is what I got in real life. It’s understandable that he was a real person and politician and gave reasons for his resignation to spend more time with his fiancé and his daughter. I think Labor knows who will take the position.

Leaders could include rising political star Kiri Allen, minister of justice, and although she is relatively new to politics, she could be the first Maori prime minister. Chris Hipkins, Minister of Education and Speaker of the House of Commons, has been a prominent and hard-working MP during COVID, and he and Allen would make a great team.

Dr. Megan Woods, Minister of Housing, Energy and Resources, is also a veteran and senior member of the party, so she could also be a candidate. Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson did not run for leadership and Labor agreed to hold a vote within three days of his 22nd January. For a candidate to be successful, he needs more than 60% of the caucus votes.

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