Astrologer who came in Big-Boss told Archana Gautam black tongue


Bigg Boss 16 Update: Bigg Boss 16 is on its last leg. First came the Family Week, then there were questions and answers with the journalists and now astrology came in the house of Bigg Boss, who told the present, future and their strengths and weaknesses of the contestants. He described Shiv as clean-hearted and Nimrit as creative. On the other hand, it was said about Archana that her tongue is black and whatever she says becomes true.

Yes! In the last episode, well-known astrologer Sauris Sharma came in Bigg Boss. He told all the contestants about his life and also revealed many secrets. He started with Shalin Bhanot and told her to focus on her game. After this he told Tina Dutta to work on her attitude and act carefree. He told Shiv that his heart is pure and he would reach great heights in his life.

Big talk about Archana
Astrologer said that Archana Gautam has that thing which no one has in the house. On this Soundarya said that her intuition is strong. On this, astrologers say that this is a virtue, but does anyone know that Archana’s tongue is black. He says whatever Archana says happens. He initially said about Tina and Nimrit’s friendship and their friendship broke up. Archana had said that there is going to be a stir in the congregation. Within 4-5 days, first Abdul went and then Sajid Khan.

Archana was advised to speak thoughtfully
He told Archana that he had also asked for Ankit Gupta and he became homeless within a week. On this Archana said that I do not speak knowingly, it comes from the heart. After which the astrologer advised him to speak thoughtfully. After this Priyanka said that now she is feeling scared.

Sourish Sharma said on Ankit-Priyanka’s relationship
Apart from this, astrologer Sourish Sharma told good things about Priyanka’s career, the partner said that her and Ankit’s future is not visible together. He should focus on his career, there is a big project waiting for him outside.

Sumbul can be the winner of Big Boss
Regarding Sumbul and MC Stan, he said that both of them have struggled a lot. But only Stan’s struggle is talked about and not Sumbul’s. He told Sumbul that he should mend his relationship with his mother, this would help him progress. Along with this, he said that he will not be surprised if Sumbul becomes the winner of Bigg Boss.

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