Attention 45 million customers of SBI! ₹ 147.50 is automatically debited, do you know the reason?


SBI Customer Alert: If you are a customer of State Bank of India (SBI), then there is a very good news for you. These days, an automatic notification of Rs 147.50 discount will be received from SBI customer’s account. Many customers are disappointed in this situation. If you have received such a message, then there is no need to panic. Tell us why the bank is withdrawing this money from your account?

this is the reason
According to the bank, this amount is deducted by SBI towards the annual maintenance fee for the ATM and debit card you are using. Please tell me that this Rs.147.50 will be deducted from the account by the bank every year.
SBI charges ₹125 as an annual maintenance fee and an additional 18% GST for multiple debit cards used by its customers. So if we add GST to ₹ 125, it comes to ₹ 147.50. Also, the bank charges ₹300 + GST ​​for switching debit cards.

This share rose from ₹ 44 to ₹ 217, the company is going to issue 13 bonus shares, the top scheme is visible since 4 days.

Changes in transaction fees
SBI Cards and Payment Services Limited has revised the transaction charges for various credit card related transactions. SBI Card had stated on its website that “From November 15, 2022, a processing fee of Rs 99 + applicable taxes will be levied on all tariff payment transactions.”


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