Australia’s Daniel Avakian makes NYFW debut


Fashion designer Daniel Avakian has made his first appearance at the prestigious New York Fashion Week. 

His namesake brand choose its latest collection, ‘Tears in the Rain’, which was inspired by the 1982 film Blade Runner and features 3D-technology integrations. The designer said he updated a digital version of the collection, originally showcased at the AfterPay Australian Fashion Week in Sydney in May. 

“The Tears in the Rain show ushers in a brave new and fashion-relevant technological world for designers and brands and offers a true feast to the senses for the audience and consumers,” said Avakian. 

Known for his innovation in the industry, Daniel Avakian’s vision is to digitally transform fashion and form “a symbiosis between humans and digital to create a sustainable future for fashion”. 

Avakian collaborated with Real Time Fashion, a “fash-tech” company he co-founded, to develop the virtual outputs of his collection. The brand reports this service will be provided to other fashion businesses by the end of this year and people can experience a “true-to-life representation” of the virtual product they purchased while ensuring unrivalled fashion industry sustainability through waste minimisation.

“My Real Time Fashion fash-tech platform enables me to easily and quickly create exclusive and novel animated NFTs – such as the Tears in the Rain finale couture dress,” Akavian added. 

“They can be featured both physically and virtually in runway shows, on websites, in NFT galleries and where the physical piece is available for purchase.” 


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