‘Avatar 2’ is playing in crores at the box office, here ‘Circus’ did not last even for a moment in front of ‘Drishyam 2’


At the end of the year 2022, very unique results have been seen at the box office. Once again it is a Hollywood film, turned out brilliantly. Is ‘Avatar: The Way Of Water’ Poised To Be A Blockbuster? New Bollywood release ‘Circus’ has flopped in its opening week itself while holdover release ‘Drishyam 2’ is ending the year with the third highest grosser for a Hindi film in 2022. Overall, all the three films are performing at the box office in different ways.

‘Avatar 2’ box office collection

First of all, let’s talk about the sci-fi fantasy action drama ‘Avatar 2’ directed by James Cameron. In the second weekend, the film has earned tremendously. Now this is the kind of number that most of the Bollywood bigwigs have failed to score in their lifetime in 2022 and here comes a Bollywood film which is doing the same in its second week. The film is making the most of the holiday season and is currently garnering a huge amount. It will cross new records in no time. So far the film has earned Rs.

Avatar 2 box office collection:

1st week: Rs 193.6 crore
Day 8, Friday (December 23) – Rs 12.85 crore
Day 9, Saturday (December 24) – Rs 21.25 crore
Day 10, Sunday (December 25) – Rs 25.15 crore
Day 11, Monday (December 26) – Rs 12 crore
Day 12, Tuesday (December 27) – Rs 10 crore
Day 13, Wednesday (December 28) – Rs 9.65 crore
Day 14, Thursday (December 29) – Rs 9.5 crore
Day 15, Friday (December 30) – Rs 10.15 crore
Day 16, Saturday (December 31) – Rs 12.5 crore
Total Earnings: Rs 383.68 crore
World wide collection in 15 days – Rs 9310.82 crore

‘Circus’ box office collection

Meanwhile, ‘Circus’ has unfortunately been sidelined and is doing very poorly. The film has so far earned only 20.85 crores. Granted the kind of entertainment the film brought with it was not to everyone’s liking but it definitely did not deserve the kind it has got. The promos of the film had excited to say the least and it is clear that the audience did not share the same sentiment. Yes, the film is a flop, however it will be interesting to see how the same set of audience reacts when it arrives on OTT and Satellite.

box office collection of circus

Friday (Day 1) – 6.50 crores
Saturday (2nd Day) – 6.25 cr
Sunday (3rd Day) – 8.00 Cr
Monday (4th Day) – 2.50 crores
Tuesday (Day 5) – 2.25 crores
Wednesday (6th day) – Rs 2 crore
Thursday (Day 7) – Rs 1.75 crore
Friday (8th Day) – Rs 0.98 crore
Saturday (Ninth Day) – Rs 1.55 crore
Total Collection – Rs 32.78 crore

‘Drishyam 2’ box office collection

Meanwhile, Ajay Devgn’s ‘Drishyam 2’ is all set to have a grand OTT premiere some other time now. It is closing at year’s high. At the beginning of the new year, it has reached the mark of 230 crores. The Ajay Devgn starrer has given Bollywood a lot to cheer about and is slated to be the next biggie in four weeks from now. Meanwhile, people have expectations from ‘Pathan’ as well.

‘Drishyam 2’ box office collection
First week – Rs 102 crore
Second week – Rs 57.16 crore
Third week – Rs.31.41 crore
Fourth week – Rs 18.92 crore
5th week – Rs 8.19 crore
Day 36, Friday (December 23) – Rs 45 lakh
Day 37, Saturday (December 24) – Rs 1.5 crore
Day 38, Sunday (December 25) – Rs 1.70 crore
39th day, Monday (December 26) – around Rs 75 lakh
Day 40, Tuesday (December 27) – Rs 50 lakh
Day 41, Wednesday (December 28) – Rs 70 lakh
Day 42, Thursday (December 29) – Rs 75 lakh
Day 43, Friday (December 30) – Rs 0.8 crore
Day 44, Saturday (December 31) – Rs 1.2 crore
Total Earnings: Rs 232.7 crore


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