Bharat Jodo Yatra: Does Rahul not want Varun Gandhi to join Congress? Said – I can meet with love but…


Bharat Jodo Yatra In a press conference in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, during the Bharat Jodo Yatra, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has given a statement on the question of joining Varun Gandhi’s yatra. When a journalist asked Rahul Gandhi whether Varun Gandhi would join the Bharat Jodo Yatra? So in response to this Rahul Gandhi said “Varun (Varun Gandhi) is in BJP if he walks here it can be a problem for him. My ideology does not match with his ideology. I can’t go to the RSS office, before that I have to be beheaded. My family has an ideology. Varun adopted another ideology and I cannot accept that ideology.

Rahul Gandhi said “I can meet with love, hug”

In response to this question related to Varun Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi said that I can meet Varun Gandhi with love, hug him but our ideology is different. The ideology of my family is different and the ideology of the RSS is different. Varun Gandhi believes in that ideology.

Varun Gandhi came into limelight after making statements against his own party

Varun Gandhi has been constantly in the news for his statements. Recently, Varun Gandhi had given exactly the same statement after Rahul Gandhi’s statement on the Red Fort. In which Varun Gandhi had said that some people in the country only want to do Hindu-Muslim. Significantly, Varun Gandhi had said that he is neither against Nehru ji nor against the Congress.

He had said that we should keep questioning the government about the condition of employment, education and medicine. Varun Gandhi had said that we should not do such politics, which suppresses the people, rather we have to do that politics which uplifts the people. We need to ask those who take votes in the name of religion and caste, what they are doing on serious issues like employment, education or health.


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