Breaking Bad: Here’s Why Gus Fring Killed Victor Instead Of Jesse


The purpose why Gus killed Victor as a substitute of Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) initially of Breaking Bad season 4 reveals a lot about what goes on within the head of the Breaking Bad villain. Victor (Jeremiah Bitsui) served as Gustav Fring’s (Giancarlo Esposito) henchman when the character made his sequence debut in Breaking Bad season 2. Like Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks), Victor was a violent enforcer of Gus’ drug empire and made certain every thing went easily for his boss. Unfortunately for Breaking Bad‘s Victor, the person he labored for and trusted together with his life ended up slitting his throat.


Breaking Bad‘s field cutter scene with Gus and Victor is remembered for its visceral show of violence. However, this solely actually scratches the floor of its actual that means. Why did Gus kill Victor? Whenever Gus commits a homicide together with his personal fingers — as with most of Gus’ actions all through the Breaking Bad timeline, it is about management. Here’s why Gus killed Victor in Breaking Bad (and the way Better Call Saul provides the homicide of Victor context).

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Why Victor Was Killed In Breaking Bad

As revealed within the prequel sequence, Better Call Saul, Victor labored for Gus lengthy earlier than the occasions of Breaking Bad. By season 3, Victor watched over the meth superlab the place Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse labored as a part of Gus’ operation. When Gale Boetticher (David Costabile), one other chemist, was launched into the fold, Walt apprehensive that he can be killed and changed with the newcomer. Walt devised a plan to kill Gale, making him the only real individual to guide the meth-cooking, however Jesse wound up doing the soiled work. Jesse shot and killed Gale at his condominium earlier than Victor arrived to cease him.

In the Breaking Bad season 4 premiere, “Box Cutter,” Walt and Jesse have been held hostage in order that Gus may punish them for his or her actions. While ready for Gus to reach on the lab, Victor cooked his personal batch of meth to show that he studied Walter White’s meth method. Rather than goal Walt and Jesse, Gus entered and lower Victor’s throat with a field cutter earlier than telling his workers to get again to work. The druglord was sad with the truth that Victor was noticed on the scene of Gale’s homicide by neighbors, primarily placing your complete operation in danger. Ultimately, nonetheless, why Gus killed Victor, his longtime ally, additionally held a deeper that means. As with every thing Gus Fring does, it was a chilly, calculated transfer.

Gus Sent A Message To Walt & Jesse By Killing Victor

Split image of Jesse, Victor and Gus in Breaking Bad season 4

Why did Gus kill Victor with such brutality? Although Gus did not straight threaten Walt or Jesse following Victor’s Breaking Bad execution, he not needed to. The actual purpose why Gus killed Victor in such a brutal style is as a result of it sends a crystal clear message to the 2 males: in the event that they put the operation in danger, then Gus would not hesitate to kill both of them as properly. Though Jesse was the one to tug the set off and kill Gale, who was as soon as the notorious Heisenberg’s trusted assistant, Victor clumsily and needlessly allowed himself to be linked to the homicide. Gus’ resolution to kill his outdated ally was justified in his thoughts when he noticed a composite sketch of Victor hanging in a police station later that season.

Others could have discovered to cook dinner meth at probably the identical degree as Walt and Jesse, however Gus was properly conscious that that they had the very best high quality of the product. This is another excuse Gus killed Victor as a substitute of Jesse: Walt and Jesse’s partnership made them crucial to the operation in Gustav’s eyes. In Breaking Bad season 5, Victor’s loss of life was talked about by Walt whereas speaking to Jesse. He said that Gus killed Victor as a result of he “flew too close to the sun” and that greediness caught Gus’ consideration. In hindsight, Gus most likely ought to have put extra thought into taking Walt and Jesse out of the equation.

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Gus’ Arturo Killing In Better Call Saul Shows A Consistent Approach To Murder

Nacho better call saul breaking bad

In Better Call Saul season 4, the spinoff dives deeper into Breaking Bad territory by way of sure reveals, together with how Gustav Fring has at all times used homicide to regulate folks he would moderately maintain alive. Back in Better Call Saul season 3, Nacho plots to take over Hector’s place within the Salamanca drug operation by switching Hector’s treatment with pretend placebo capsules, inflicting Hector to have a stroke. Though the cartel bosses assign Nacho and Arturo to interchange Hector, Gus will get Victor to comply with and examine the 2. In Better Call Saul season 4, episode 2 “Breathe,” Gus confirms that Nacho is chargeable for Hector’s stroke. When Nacho and Arturo strong-arm their manner into getting extra medication than they have been imagined to from Gus’ facility, Gus ambushes them and suffocates and kills Arturo with a plastic bag.

While Victor and Tyrus make Arturo’s loss of life seem like a gang killing, Gus informs Nacho that he’s conscious of how Nacho put Hector Salamanca in a wheelchair, however that the Salamancas don’t. Similar to why Gus killed Victor in Breaking Bad, Gus killed Arturo in Better Call Saul to exert full management over Nacho, who’s extra helpful to him alive. Better Call Saul‘s perception into Gustav Fring paints a really horrific determine – one who eerily kills not simply as a type of punishment, however as a menace of punishments but to return. While Victor’s Breaking Bad execution occurred very in another way from Arturo’s loss of life in Better Call Saul, they reveal Gus’ sample of utilizing brutal deaths to maintain his folks in line.

Moreover, Gus telling Nacho that Hector wasn’t imagined to die but reveals how a lot thought Gus has put into his long-term plans. In the tip, it took a genius like Walter White for somebody to lastly outsmart Gus in Breaking Bad. Yet, as Better Call Saul reveals, not even Gustav Fring’s loss of life can cease audiences from wanting extra of Giancarlo Esposito’s iconic villain.

Gus Murdering Victor Has More Context Thanks To Lalo

Gustavo Fring and Lalo Salamanca in Better Call Saul

Breaking Bad‘s Victor execution is even higher after Gus killed Lalo in Better Call Saul, which exhibits that, regardless of Gus’ facade of level-headedness and respectfulness, he has at all times been essentially the most harmful individual in his crew. Apart from making Victor look even smaller in comparison with the remainder of Gus’ hit listing, how Gus outsmarted the guerilla-like techniques of Lalo Salamanca additional contextualizes how Gus may kill so shortly and with out hesitation. In some ways, Lalo was essential to maintaining Gus grounded. Underneath Lalo’s chaotic and charismatic exterior lies a degree of methodical considering that rivaled even Gus, and solely failed due to Lalo’s inherent hubris. After finding out, coping with, and disposing of the horror villain that’s Better Call Saul‘s Lalo Salamanca, Gus was smarter for the expertise. Why did Gus kill Victor? Just like how Gus killed Lalo, killing Victor in Breaking Bad was the simplest and quickest manner for Gus to make sure what was finest for himself and the group.

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