Business ownership the dream for Australians; Specsavers makes it possible


Despite everything the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown at the business community in the past three years the spirit of entrepreneurship is alive in Australia. 

According to recent research conducted by NAB four in 10 people indicated they would love to own their own business (41 per cent). 

For many in the retail sector, owning your own business can seem like a pipe dream.

But not with Specsavers. 

Specsavers Partner in Development (PID) program is an advancement program for top retail talent who want to own their own business.

Specsavers takes retail professionals who understand what it takes to lead and motivate their teams in the delivery of world-class customer service and prepares them to become business owners in their very own Specsavers store.

PID candidates are inspired, ambitious and committed retail professionals who have decided that running their own businesses and being responsible for their own success is the next move in their lives and careers.

Through a phased learning journey over nine to 12 months, the PID program will provide you with the critical business management, optical knowledge and leadership skills required to successfully lead your own Specsavers business.

Your business, in a proven franchise model

Adam Zhu, the retail director and owner at Specsavers Newmarket, said the PID program was the natural next step in his career. 

“I worked for a large retailer from 2007 to 2015. I started as a retail assistant and went the way up to store manager and managed a few different stores of different sizes, but I always wanted to own my own business. Specsavers PID program gave me an opportunity to get there,” he says. 

“I think more retailers need to know that Specsavers is a viable career option for them. It’s the industry’s best-kept secret. 

“Specsavers is a great company that has a successful franchise model, and one that doesn’t cost the earth to buy into. And their training and support is second to none. The PID program gives you all the knowledge you need to run an optics business and builds on your already extensive retail experience.”

Taking your career to the next level

For Dylan Dissanayake, a former supermarket manager, now the retail director and owner at Specsavers Parramatta, the opportunity to join Specsavers gave him the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. 

“Through the PID program I’ve been elevated from a manager to a leader,” he says. “I’ve had so much support from mentors and leaders within the business, it really challenged me to reconsider my own management style and how to be a more empathic and creative leader.

“I now have managers working for me, and I’ve been able to build my team and our store culture from the ground up to be a really diverse, supportive and enjoyable place to be.”

Dylan says as a business owner there’s a lot of “different hats” to wear each day, but it’s that challenge and the “no day is the same” approach that makes owning your own business “completely rewarding”.

“I never thought when I started my career in retail that I’d ever get the chance to do some of the things I’ve done with Specsavers,” he says. 

Take charge of your own advancement

A typical PID candidate has extensive retail management experience in a high volume, customer-facing retail environment and is a motivational leader committed to delivering world-class customer service, with a proven record of achieving outstanding financial results. 

If this sounds like you, find out more at or contact Sinéad Convery on 0409 325 075 or


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