Cameron reveals about ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’


Los Angeles | Sharing his point about the much talked about film ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’, James Cameron has made many disclosures about its length. Along with this, the filmmaker told why he removed some scenes from the film. According to Variety, the film topped the worldwide box office charts despite a runtime of three hours.

Cameron has now revealed that the film would have run 10 minutes longer if he had not cut the gun violence.

The filmmaker told Esquire Middle East that he is no longer interested in featuring guns in his action sequences given the rampant gun violence in the US. That’s why they cut those 10 minutes of scenes from the film.

According to Variety, Cameron said that he looks back on some of the films he made and doesn’t know whether he wants to make that film anymore because those gun scenes fill my heart.

Going by Cameron’s comments, it is safe to assume that action sequences will look a bit different in ‘The Terminator’ franchise.(IANS)

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