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HALIFAX, Nova Scotia — The much anticipated second issue of DEFY Magazine was released today by popular demand.

The inaugural issue of DEFY, launched this past November, garnered thousands of unique views, received feedback and intrigue from around the globe, and sparked a much-needed conversation about misogyny in the workplace.

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“I have been overwhelmed by the public interest and positive response to the magazine,” said Founder and Editor-in-Chief Julie Lawrence. “I have received pitches for articles from as far away as New Zealand and South Africa and have created partnerships with influential industry leaders. It has been a very exciting few months for DEFY.”

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Two of those new partners are the Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Boss Talks, a mentorship platform that empowers women entrepreneurs and business leaders all over the world.

“This partnership between DEFY Magazine and Boss Talks is an important milestone in the journey towards greater gender equality within the business landscape,” said Hillary Gadsby, Co-Founder and CEO of Boss Talks. “We know that when young women have access to resources and mentorship like these, they can develop the necessary skills to succeed as leaders. Together, we hope to continue making great strides towards closing the gender gap while inspiring more confident female professionals everywhere.”

Lawrence, who creates, designs and manages the magazine from her home in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is the former Editor of a national women’s health and wellness magazine run by men. It was that experience that formed the genesis for DEFY, a purely digital magazine that tackles the ways misogyny shows up at the workplace.

“I have heard from so many women who have shared stories that are similar to mine. They are finally feeling validated in their anger,” said Lawrence. “This magazine gives them the tools and guidance they need to improve their over-all experience in the workplace. We can’t change the patriarchy, but we can change how we respond to it.”

DEFY relies heavily on an advisory board of industry heavy hitters to lend their expertise and experience to the issues covered in the magazine. The advisory board includes: Kelley Bonner, Company Culture Strategist hand-picked by the Biden administration; Jennifer Ettinger, Canada’s first Social Media Correspondent; Karen Laos, Corporate Communications and Confidence expert; Kirsten Miller, New York Times bestselling author of The Change; Priya Sam, former CTV morning show host and current host of the podcast Turning Point; Makini Smith, award winning entrepreneur, mindset coach and founder of A Walk in My Stilettos; Dr, Lisa Petty, women’s well-being researcher and author; and Marci Warhaft, body image expert and host of the podcast How to Ruin Your Own Reputation.

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