Centre indicators pact with eight armed tribal teams in Assam

The Centre and Assam Government on Thursday signed a tripartite settlement with eight armed tribal teams in Assam to deliver them into the mainstream and provides them political and financial rights.

The teams that signed the settlement are Birsa Commando Force (BCF), Adivasi People’s Army (APA), All Adivasi National Liberation Army (AANLA), Adivasi Cobra Military of Assam (ACMA) and Santhali Tiger Force (STF).

The remaining three outfits are splinter teams of BCF, AANLA, and ACMA.

Addressing representatives of the tribal teams afterward, Union Home Minister Amit Shah mentioned: “We will sincerely follow everything in our agreement. The Narendra Modi government has a record that almost 93 per cent of all promises made in various agreements have been implemented. All these agreements have established peace in various regions of the Northeast.”

He mentioned, “Today we take the responsibility of fulfilling political, educational and economic aspirations of the tribal people in Assam. This agreement is intended to not just protect but strengthen your social, cultural, linguistic and community-based identity.”

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma mentioned folks from tribal communities within the state had been struggling for his or her rights for years and a few had picked up the gun. “In 2007, all these groups signed a ceasefire agreement with the Centre,” he mentioned. “But we could not achieve a permanent solution to the issue. Through this agreement, I believe, they will get justice.” Sarma mentioned 1,182 individuals who had picked up weapons will now be part of the mainstream via this settlement. “I promise you we will sincerely implement whatever is written in the accord,” he added.

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