Changing The Big Bang Theory Canon Could Save Young Sheldon


While Young Sheldon’s enjoyable storylines are restricted by the canon of The Big Bang Theory, there isn’t any motive that the sitcom spin-off cannot change the story of the present collection. Although Young Sheldon ostensibly chronicles the backstory of The Big Bang Theory’s titular hero, the spin-off differs from its predecessor in lots of important methods. In phrases of fashion and tone, Young Sheldon is a extra dramatic single-camera collection, whereas The Big Bang Theory was a lighter, multi-camera haunt present with a sillier humorousness.


This tonal disparity impacts the plots of the 2 exhibits, too. Sheldon’s Big Bang Theory backstory is surprisingly tragic, from his brother Georgie’s divorce to his father’s early demise. However, The Big Bang Theory handled this backstory flippantly, whereas Young Sheldon takes these occasions rather more critically. As a outcome, a few of the extra miserable components of Sheldon’s previous will likely be fairly bleak once they inevitably come up in Young Sheldon. The Coopers are a enjoyable household to spend time with, however their tragic fates loom over the collection like a darkish cloud. That stated, Young Sheldon can retcon a few of The Big Bang Theory’s model of occasions, thus reshaping the spin-off’s enchantment.

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The Big Bang Theory Makes Young Sheldon Dark

Young Sheldon not killing George

Young Sheldon typically tries to be a enjoyable, foolish collection a few nostalgic Sheldon wanting again on his adolescent scrapes and the antics of his dysfunctional household. However, in response to The Big Bang Theory’s canon, Georgie is fated to hate his brother for years, Mary returns to the church and her bitter judgmental methods, Missy by no means makes it out of Texas, and George Sr straight up dies whereas he’s nonetheless younger and his youngest kids are barely youngsters. This collection of occasions, seemingly set in stone by The Big Bang Theory’s canon, make Young Sheldon inadvertently darkish, as viewers know the unhappy fates which are in retailer for its heroes.

How Young Sheldon Can Change The Big Bang Theory

Young Sheldon missy Big Bang Theory missy Sheldon and Amy

While The Big Bang Theory seemingly ensures that Young Sheldon is essentially darkish by nature, this does not have to be the case. Young Sheldon has already modified The Big Bang Theory canon by having Sheldon’s narration admit that issues had been completely different than he had beforehand remembered them. Sheldon’s incessant bullying has already been retconned, as has his father’s alcoholism. Hence, it’s no stretch for him to confess that he misremembered the date of his father’s demise or that Georgie and Mandy’s eventual break-up did not final or was amicable. From there, it could be no stretch to say that Georgie’s grudge towards his brother did not develop till their twenties/thirties.

While Young Sheldon is tinkering with the story instructed by The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon’s narration may additionally concede that Missy actively needs to remain in her hometown as an grownup. The fates of the spin-off’s heroes appear tragic as a result of their Big Bang Theory selves had been typically bitter individuals, however this does not essentially have to be the case. Georgie may undergo a divorce and nonetheless sometime reunite with Mandy, Missy may be pleased with dwelling in her hometown, and even Mary can come to phrases with George Sr’s demise in a approach that leaves her much less resentful than her Big Bang Theory appearances implied.

Young Sheldon Would Get Away With Canon Changes

Young Sheldon missy Big Bang Theory missy Sheldon and Amy

As confirmed by The Big Bang Theory, by no means mentioning Paige, Sheldon doesn’t give an excessive amount of thought to different individuals. This is doubly true for his “mouth breather” siblings and his late father, for whom he shows open contempt all through The Big Bang Theory. As such, it’s totally plausible that he would have misremembered issues in The Big Bang Theory, solely to revise his recollections later whereas narrating his memoirs. If viewers assume the occasions of Young Sheldon are his memoirs, Sheldon may use them to confess that, whereas he by no means noticed eye-to-eye together with his household, they did lead full, blissful lives.

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Changing The Big Bang Theory Improves Sheldon Too

Big bang theory sheldon Jim parsons

If wanting again on his previous whereas narrating his memoirs made Sheldon extra considerate and reflective—particularly after the occasions of The Big Bang Theory finale already noticed him turn out to be a extra considerate, thoughtful pal—this might make Sheldon extra likable than ever. Young Sheldon justified many character traits of The Big Bang Theory antihero, however leaning into his character progress may enable the spin-off to enhance the futures of his members of the family. If Sheldon’s perspective towards his household was much less contemptuous, he may see Young Sheldon’s Georgie, Missy, George Sr, and Mary as fully-rounded individuals. This may concede their lives weren’t as unhappy as The Big Bang Theory’s glimpses of their futures made them out to be.

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