Chat GPT is a hi-tech conspiracy against Hinduism, why people say, find out the whole thing


Chat GTP, the new name for Space of Possibilities.

DNA Hindi: Chat GPT is at the center of discussion these days. People want to know about this artificial intelligence. There is debate about its creative use. Allegations are now being made that a big conspiracy is being hatched against Hindu religion through Chat GPT through artificial intelligence. Chat GPT is an advanced artificial intelligence technology that is discussed globally. Some people see this technology as a big threat to Google. It seems that if this technique becomes effective, then Google’s job may also be over.

The religious aspect also came to the fore in Chat GPT. In this technology, GPT stands for Generative Pre-trended Transformer. Have you seen Superstar Rajinikanth’s movie Robot? If yes, then like Chitti, Chat GPT also has answers to all your questions. It is a kind of robot that has all kinds of information. If you ask him anything, he will have the answers to your questions. We try to understand how the religious angle came to the fore in Chat GPT.

What is Chat GPT, it will do all the work of Google Search, answer questions by typing

How does Chat GPT work?

Chat GPT answers all questions through its pre-fixed coding. It is said that Chat GTP may also replace Google search engine in the coming times. Chat GPT is a revolutionary technology but people are expressing concern because it is biased against Hinduism. Chat GPT is said to be auto-learning. Which means it only learns. The real fact is that all its coding is done by humans only. People have fed everything into it. In such a situation, their bias may make Chat GPT biased as well. The addictions of new technologies are also clearly visible.

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Why do the questions arise?

When some questions were asked about Lord Ram, Lord Krishna and Maa Sita on Chat GPT, some objectionable allegations came to the fore. However, when similar questions were asked about Islam, Sikhism and Christianity, Chat GPT refused to answer clearly. Chat GPT said it cannot defame any religion.

People say that it seems that scientists from western countries have developed this technology in such a way that it can only defame Hinduism. When you are asked similar questions about other religions, do not give this answer. People accuse this high-tech service of being biased against Hinduism.

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