China advises doctors not to allow patients to write ‘corona death’ on death certificate


Beijing. Due to the corona epidemic in China, the situation is very bad. Under such circumstances, the Chinese government employs all means to cover up the situation. In its latest order, the Chinese government has advised all doctors not to write corona as the cause of death for their patients on death certificates. If he had a pre-existing medical condition, he was instructed to list it as the cause of death on the death certificate.

In a letter sent to doctors, the Chinese government instructed that if a patient’s death was solely due to COVID-19, the doctor should consult his superiors and then take expert advice on two levels. After this, Covid-19 will be written as a cause of death for patients only after confirmation.

Please tell them that this letter is being sent to all doctors in China. However, criticism of China’s move has begun to emerge. Health experts around the world say China is hiding coronavirus death toll. On Saturday itself, China’s National Health Commission confirmed that the coronavirus epidemic in hospitals has killed about 60,000 people so far.

The government has issued an order not to list the cause of death as corona on death certificates, but it is not yet clear which government department issued the order. The corona epidemic started in China from Wuhan city about three years ago. However, the Chinese government has not always been transparent about the number of cases and deaths from the virus.

Global health experts are also unconvinced by the Chinese government’s latest claim of 60,000 deaths. Experts believe the virus has killed around 1 million people in China, as the Chinese government has yet to give exact figures.

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