China Covid Deaths: 9,000 deaths per day due to Covid in China, about six lakh people are expected to lose their lives by January



The new wave of Corona epidemic is causing havoc in China. According to media reports, there has been a rapid increase in the deaths due to Kovid infection. 9,000 people are dying daily in the country. UK research firm Airfinity was quoted as saying that the death toll from Kovid in China has doubled due to the increase in infections. The situation has worsened after the Chinese government relaxed its zero-COVID policy in November. Significantly, the Chinese government was forced to consider the Kovid policy after large-scale protests in nine cities.

According to the report, Airfinity’s model was based on data from regional provinces in China. The report said that in December, the total number of deaths from Kovid in China may reach one lakh, while at least one crore 86 lakh may be infected. By the middle of January, 37 lakh cases of Kovid can reach daily and by 23 January there is a possibility of 5 lakh 84 thousand deaths due to Kovid infection in China.

The Chinese government is not sharing the information of Kovid with the world, so it has become difficult to assess the figures of Kovid correctly. However, China’s National Health Commission (NHC) confirmed last week that the current wave of Covid in the country is the largest ever in the world. According to media reports, by March 2023, more than one billion people in China may be infected with Kovid. 30 percent of China’s population i.e. more than 400 million would have already been infected.

The BF.7 variant of Omicron is rapidly infecting people in China. However, workers are being called for work if they do not have symptoms of Kovid. The world’s second largest economy has faltered due to the Corona pandemic and is struggling to meet the challenges. British virologist Jonathan Latham, executive director of the Bioscience Resource Project, said China was not being transparent about the number of Covid cases or deaths. Only with accurate data can China and other countries make good decisions.


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