China Covid News: Deaths due to Kovid-19 in China exposed Xi Jinping, officials no longer trust the President!


Beijing: On 31 December 2022, Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed the people of the country on the occasion of New Year. Jinping said that his country is on the side of correct history. He was claiming history but experts are warning that the way Jinping has made a U-turn on his aggressive Covid strategy, it has made the President ineffective as early as 2023. If experts are to be believed, China has to pay an economic and human cost due to the failure of the Zero Covid policy. President Jinping may face a lot of difficulty in finding a solution to the question on whom to blame for this failure. The Chinese government may have suppressed public anger, but President Jinping’s troubles are not going to end.

Kovid policy became a headache

President Jinping is facing a lot of problems because of first zero covid policy and then ending this policy. Officially, there have been only a little more than 5200 deaths from Kovid in China. But these figures are wrong. The reality is more frightening than what is being told by the government.

The emergency wards in the hospital are overflowing and patients are not getting any place. Medical supplies are also very less, medicines are not available at medical stores. Even basic painkillers are missing. Police have to patrol outside the crematorium. There was such a crowd outside a crematorium in the capital Beijing that there was a scuffle between the people. After this the police decided to patrol.

Jinping said – public first
Addressed the public for the first time in the midst of the ever-increasing cases of Covid. Three weeks ago, the Chinese government had changed the Covid policy. Since then, the cases are continuously increasing. Jinping said in his first address that the Chinese government and the Communist Party have put the people of the country first and have always done so.

For many people, this claim of Jinping may be infuriating. Such people who are looking for essential medicines for their near and dear ones, they may be pricked by this statement of Jinping. People have started questioning that the Zero Covid policy was in force for three years and there was no preparation to deal with the pandemic even after such heavy restrictions. The restrictions were lifted without any preparation.

End of trust in Jinping

If experts are to be believed, perhaps the Chinese authorities and Jinping himself do not want to look at that side of the wall, but the damage has been done. According to Orville Schell, director of US-China relations at the New York-based Asia Society for US-China relations, the Communist Party’s attitude to the pandemic has now completely reversed.

The rebellion caused by the Zero Covid policy has only fueled Xi Jinping’s incompetence. Jinping is still untouched by the criticism happening in China. They are not able to find anything, but according to the Chinese citizens, every Chinese citizen and official is troubled by the way Jinping’s policies have failed. Now his own people are losing faith in the Chinese President.

heavy price to pay
China may have to pay a huge economic cost for ending the Covid policy and opening everything up. Some experts have said that the rich and elite class of China can take their money out and leave the country at the same time. If this happens, then the pressure on China’s rapidly declining economy will increase further and it may disintegrate.


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