China gave direct warning to America on Taiwan, destroyer warship passed near Guam base


Guam: China, which was continuously threatening Taiwan, is now directly involved in threatening America. China’s super-destructive aircraft carrier Liaoning has passed near the US naval base Guam in the Pacific Ocean. Japanese officials have confirmed the passage of this Chinese aircraft carrier near Guam. China currently has 3 aircraft carriers. Analysts say that this step of China is very rare and through this it has given a direct warning to America regarding Taiwan.

The aircraft carrier equipped with killer missiles was leading the fleet of Chinese warships. This aircraft carrier had tried to scare America’s ally Japan in the past. The fighter jet practiced flying 260 times from the Chinese warship near the Japanese island of Okinawa. America has deployed its army on a large scale at this base of Japan. After this move of China, the Japanese army also swung into action. He sent fighter jets, warships and helicopters.

Japanese officials confirmed on Thursday that Chinese warships had passed near the US-occupied Guam Naval Base. Guam is America’s military fort, with the help of which it can display military power in the entire region. Nuclear bombers of America and nuclear submarines of the Navy are stationed at this naval base. China’s official media has termed this deployment as a response to American provocation.

China’s state-run Global Times said the operation showed the Chinese aircraft carrier was ready to defend its country from any attack by the US from Guam and prevent interference in Taiwan. The Chinese siren said that for the first time the aircraft carrier has reached so close to any area of ​​America. The US Navy has not yet responded to China’s move. Analysts say that just like Hong Kong, China wants to integrate other areas with its claim into the country.


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