China-Nepal: The airport built with the help of China opened, will Prachanda, the new Prime Minister of Nepal, prove to be the second Oli for India?


kathmandu: Nepal’s Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda has inaugurated the airport in Pokhara which has been built with the help of China. This airport, which opened on Sunday, is being considered as a big sign. Nepal, which has become close to China, is now ruled by Prachanda. PM Prachanda is considered an aggressive Maoist leader. His attitude towards India also changed a lot and he started seeing India as an ally. In such a situation, when Prachanda took command in place of former PM KP Oli, there was hope of softening in relations with Nepal. But at the moment nothing like this seems to be happening. After the opening of Pokhara International Airport, some people are now beginning to see Prachanda, a big supporter of China, just like Oli.

takeoff from february
Pokhara, located in the west of Nepal, is a major tourist attraction. The opening of the International Airport here means the progress of the country’s tourism industry. PM Prachanda has officially inaugurated a plaque in Pokhara and after this the official opening of the airport has been announced. Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Bishnu Paudel was also present on the occasion. It is being said that from the second week of February, international flights will start taking off from here.

China gave loan
Pokhara Regional International Airport (PRIA) is a flagship project of China built under the Nepal-China Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) co-operation. The airport has been completed with the help of China. The government of Nepal had signed a soft loan agreement with China in March 2016 for $215.96 million for this airport. After this agreement, the construction work of this airport in this lake city of Nepal was completed.

Prachanda sought help from China

On the inauguration of the airport, Prachanda said that connecting a beautiful country like Nepal to other places through air means is the most effective way which will help in the progress of this place. In his words, ‘This is the third international airport of the country and its operations have started from Pokhara from today. With the opening of this airport, the relationship of Pokhara has been connected with the international sector. PM Prachanda has requested the Chinese government to open cross border facilities. He has asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to help Nepal in the construction of railway services and other projects.

China said respect to Pokhara Nepal

According to Prachanda, he was elected from Gandaki province and then became PM. The people of Gandaki have given him an opportunity to serve the country for the third time. In such a situation, the aim of his government is to bring prosperity in the lives of the people. A statement has also been issued by the Chinese Embassy regarding the airport. Ambassador Wang Xin in Nepal has said that this airport has been prepared under Chinese standards. He has termed this airport as a better example of high quality of Chinese engineering. According to him, Pokhara’s airport is the national honor of Nepal.


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