China: Strange way of China, increased tension before the visit of President of Philippines to Beijing?



China has now opened a front against the Philippines in the border dispute. It is surprising that at a time when Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is preparing for his visit to Beijing, China has raised tensions over the maritime boundary dispute. At present, the Philippine government has said that President Marcos Jr. will visit Beijing next week as per schedule. There they will insist on setting up a new channel of dialogue to resolve the border dispute between the two countries.

Philippines increased vigilance

Due to increasing tension, the Philippines army has increased its vigil in the South China Sea. The tension started with Chinese ships arriving in the disputed area and starting landfill work there. According to reports, Chinese fishing vessels went there, on which armed guards of China were present. These ships also visited four disputed rock sites in the middle of the sea. The Philippine military confirmed the arrival of the Chinese ships there last week. Since then the tension between the two countries has increased.

The border dispute between the two countries is quite old

China and the Philippines have a long-standing territorial dispute in the South China Sea. According to reports, this month Chinese vehicles have intruded several times in the areas that the Philippines considers its own. The Foreign Ministry of the Philippines has alleged that China is openly violating the Declaration of Conduct issued by the parties related to the South China Sea. The declaration was signed by China and the Association of Ten Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 2016. Earlier, the Hague-based International Court of Justice ruled that China’s claim to historical rights over most parts of the South China Sea had no legal basis.

America supported the Philippines

The latest controversy erupted after the Chinese embassy in Manila denied the landfill was working. He has termed it as ‘fake news’. Meanwhile, America has supported the Philippines in this dispute. It has asked China to follow international law in the South China Sea. Opinion has been expressed in diplomatic circles here that China has complicated the visit of President Marcos Jr. by raising the controversy just before his visit to Beijing. There has been speculation in some media comments that China has deliberately adopted a strategy of increasing tensions at this time, in order to increase the pressure on Marcos Jr. to reach the desired agreement during his visit.

According to reports, during the visit of Marcos starting from January 3, an agreement will be signed between the foreign ministers of the Philippines and China to create a new medium of communication. Details about this have not been revealed yet. It has only been mentioned that this will bring into existence a channel of direct dialogue between the Foreign Ministries of the two countries at all levels. The main dispute between the Philippines and China is over the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. China calls them by the name of Nansha Islands. The Philippines has alleged that China is trying to threaten Philippine ships near the island.


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