Coles expands parental leave program


Coles has extended its paid parental leave benefits program so that both primary and secondary carer team members can access paid parental leave benefits without having to wait the usual 12-month service eligibility period.

The new extension applies to all current team members across its stores, distribution centres and support office.

For primary carers on government-paid parental leave, superannuation payments will also be introduced so that team members can receive leave based on their minimum wage.

The retailer has increased paid parental leave from two weeks to four weeks for secondary carers. This can be either taken as a single day or multiple blocks of days.

Coles Group’s chief of people and culture, Kris Webb, said the retailer wants to support team members through significant life moments.

“We are pleased to be extending our secondary carers’ leave because we know how important it is for primary carers to have the support of their partners during these important times of their lives.

“This policy applies to team members who work in our stores, our distribution centres and our store support centre, so it’s really expansive and we hope will make a big difference to our team members planning to grow their families,” said Webb.


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