Comparison with monkeys: SPD politician rumbles against New Year’s rioters


“In which country do we actually live?” asks the SPD city councilor Thomas Bäppler-Wolf from Frankfurt in an Instagram video that has since been deleted. He is outraged because people who “come here because they are fleeing, seeking protection, behave in a way that they would not dare to do at home”.

Politicians deny education to rioters – and indirectly compares them to monkeys

Although “Bäppi La Belle”, also known as a comedian, vehemently denies having had racist ulterior motives when recording the video, some of the statements from it caused a stir. At the end of the video, Bäppler-Wolf draws an indirect comparison with monkeys, which causes a lot of resentment. He says: “We’ve known since New Year’s Eve that what we had there is the Beginning Link – far ahead of the monkeys and without a brain.”

The language he uses is similar in many passages to that of right-wing populist speakers. Again and again he speaks of “in this country”. And ultimately, the education of the New Year’s rioters with a migration background is also concerned: “90 percent of them are not High German-speaking, educated people from North Rhine-Westphalia.”

Bäppler-Wolf: New Year’s rioters harm well-integrated foreigners

Bäppler-Wolf goes on to say: “It is impossible for such people to discredit migrants and people with a migration background in such a way.” He has many friends who are migrants. They would have integrated, work and pay taxes. They would be drawn into a “suction with which they have nothing to do at all” by the New Year’s Eve rioters and would be “put in a bad picture by such idiots”.

He finds clear words for the New Year’s Eve rioters: They are “criminals” and “belong locked away”. And after a prison sentence they have to be put on a plane and “sent back to where they came from”.

Gossip against your own colleagues: “Finally do something to stop this shit!”

Colleagues from their own party also get their fat off: “Bäppi” accuses them of inactivity and says: “My dear friends from your own party, you shouldn’t be surprised if at some point the AfD idiots get more votes than you.” The people in Germany are “fed up with your shit cancel culture, woke discussion, your shit genders, your shit political correctness”. The people in this country are not interested in that, but: “They are interested in the fact that they can live safely here.”

He concludes, “Do something to stop this shit!”

Video deleted: Bäppler-Wolf does not want to be lumped together with right-wing populists

Bäppler-Wolf originally published the video on Instagram, but deleted it again after a short time. In a post he explains his motives: He doesn’t want to be “applauded by the wrong people” and refuses to be “mentioned in the same breath as right-wing populists”. He does not want any approval from this group: “I am and will remain a socialist.”

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