Congo Square Theater celebrates Juneteenth via artwork

CHICAGO (CBS) — Juneteenth celebrations continued Sunday throughout Chicago with native artists and performers elevating cash for trigger. Monday would be the first time Illinois formally honors Juneteenth as a vacation. 

Congo Square Theater celebrated Juneteenth with an occasion meant to occur in February that was pushed again resulting from COVID-19. Now it is becoming {that a} celebration of artwork and expression may be part of a celebration of Juneteenth and freedom. 

“See the reds the blacks parchment and I’m gonna use green as well of course that represents the flag, the Juneteenth, the African flag that we’ve used here,” mentioned Jeffery Beckham, CEO of Chicago Scholars and an artist and board member for Congo Square Theater Company. 

Every brush of paint sends a message. 

“The lines represent will really be a roadmap and what I see as ordered steps/atists take oftentimes take leaps of faith in their work to pursue a career and acting,” mentioned Beckham. “They are doing the concept of being resilient but leaning on people that love you the power of community to find love which is rude in this painting is really important.”

“Today is really about everything, about people contributing to the community as well as a celebration of Juneteenth,” mentioned Kristen Evans, a board member for the theater. 

Congo Square Theater Company — for 22 years — has been beacon.  It is a haven for artists of colour honoring Black artwork. 

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