Corona wreaks havoc in China, 9 lakh people died in 5 weeks! Shocking figures revealed in the report


Beijing. Shocking reports have emerged on the deaths due to corona virus from China. China has reported nearly 60,000 Covid-related deaths during the first five weeks of its current outbreak, the highest number in the world so far, experts said. China’s sudden axis from Covid Zero in early December led to an increase in omicron infections and 59,938 virus-related deaths in the country’s hospitals as of January 12, the National Health Commission revealed this weekend.

While the number of deaths previously recorded in the official tally has decreased, which drew widespread criticism both at home and abroad, including at the World Health Organization,experts say it is still likely to be underestimated given the sheer scale of the outbreak and that other countries have seen mortality from omicrons. Who initially adopted a zero COVID strategy. While the figure is broadly in line with Zhang’s estimate coming from hospitals in the country, he said it is a fraction of the total Covid deaths across the country.

Using a report from the National School of Development at Peking University, it found that 64 percent of the population was infected by mid-January. He estimated that 900,000 people would have died in the past five weeks, based on the conservative 0.1 percent case fatality rate. This means that the official hospital death toll is less than 7 per cent of the total death rate seen during the outbreak.

According to a Bloomberg analysis, official figures mean that 1.17 deaths per day occur daily for every million people in the country during the five weeks. This is significantly lower than the average daily death rate seen in other countries, which initially chased Covid zero or managed to contain the virus after easing their pandemic rules.

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