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In this tutorial, we are going to use Adobe Photoshop to create star trails from a single photograph. We are going to make use of a seldom-used “Duplicate Transform” trick to rapidly create streaking stars and trails of sunshine that drift throughout the sky. We will sort out among the pitfalls you could encounter alongside the way in which and be taught to repair drifting and dragging pixels, streaky lights, objects within the sky, cloning and therapeutic with Photoshop, Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop, in addition to some mild mixing to assist pull the whole picture collectively ultimately. If you need to be taught to create starlight trails in Photoshop, that is the tutorial for you!

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Barn/Church starry night photo. (Download)

Guy running starry photo. (Download)

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Mountain starry night photo. (Download)

Tutorial notes:

Duplicate the layer so we are able to start to work on the sky and put together it for the mass duplication we’re going to hit it inside a number of moments.
I’m seeking to take away or cut back large mild spots, airplanes, large and vivid planets, comets, and so forth…
On this duplicated layer use your favourite technique of therapeutic. I’m utilizing the Patch software after which the Healing Brush software to the touch up the sky and make it ok to work with.
TIP: Reduce the diffusion on the Patch and Healing brush instruments for greatest outcomes with one thing like a starry sky.
Use the Quick Selection software to make a tough number of the foreground. Use the hotkey Cmd/Ctrl + J to duplicate this as much as a brand new layer.
Select the layer under (containing the whole foreground and the starry sky) and duplicate it. NOTE: When you don’t have a variety created and you employ the hotkey Cmd/Ctrl + J the whole layer will likely be copied, not simply the world chosen.
The layer you need to have chosen is the layer slightly below the foreground we simply duplicated as much as its personal layer. This is the top-most layer that accommodates our total photograph.
Set this layer to the mix mode Lighten.
Use the hotkey Cmd/Ctrl + T to free remodel this layer. Find the Rotate enter area within the high management bar and set this area to “0.1” and commit the change.
Now use the hidden hotkey Cmd + Shift + Opt + T. This will duplicate the present layer AND apply that very same remodel we simply did to the duplicated layer. Hit this hotkey about 40x.

We’re going to do that a few instances as a result of I need to present you among the widespread issues you’ll doubtless encounter and the fast fixes that may make your life a lot simpler.

Duplicate layers earlier than any harmful bits.
Heal blemishes.
Make a common number of the foreground and replica it to a brand new layer.
Make a giant, comfortable number of the sky and pop that up onto a brand new layer.
Duplicate this preliminary sky layer.
OPTIONAL: Use the Levels adjustment on this star layer earlier than starting to spice up the darkest components of the sky to get rid of the haze that is likely to be launched by galaxies, and clouds, or just to scale back the variety of star trails and reduce the general impact.
Set it to Lighten.
Duplicate this layer and shut it off. We may want it later and it’s crucial to have entry to it.
Use Free Transform to tip the celebs +0.1 NOTE: Anchor level is tremendous vital!
Duplicate 20x
Group these layers right into a folder.
Go again to the unique sky layer and Free Transform to tip -0.1
Duplicate 20x
Group these layers collectively.
Merge these layers collectively. NOTE: You can convert to a Smart Object in case you don’t thoughts an enormous file measurement. This will can help you nonetheless have entry to the entire particular person layers that we reworked.
Add a really small gaussian blur to this merged layer (or Smart Object) to minimize the impact a bit of.
You may also go in and use the Blend If sliders to mix the beginning trails in a bit of extra. Generally, if the impact is just too robust, or too weak and lacking too many stars, you have to apply a distinct quantity of that Levels adjustment that we did to the sky earlier than starting to duplicate this starry sky.
Because this layer or Smart Object will likely be set to the Lighten mix mode, you’ll be able to apply a Levels adjustment on to this layer (or clip a Levels Adjustment layer to this layer)and tweak the black ranges to regulate the mix of the star trails.


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