Dark Peaky Blinders Theory Sets Up A Huge Movie Twist


Content Warning: This article accommodates discussions/references to suicide.

Peaky Blinders season 6’s ending solved Tommy’s impending destiny, however one principle may simply have arrange an enormous Peaky Blinders film twist if confirmed right. Peaky Blinders season 6 constructed on what Tommy (Cillian Murphy) perceived as a curse placed on his household that impacted Ruby’s sickness by having him additionally receiving a deadly analysis. While Tommy’s analysis of a terminal tuberculoma set the plot of Peaky Blinders season 6, each by way of Tommy’s political agenda and the Shelbys’ entrepreneurial targets, the illness additionally set in stone Tommy’s destiny. Indeed, Tommy’s already-written story was fully upended by Peaky Blinders season 6, episode 6’s stunning ending improvement. The revelation Ruby’s imaginative and prescient disclosed to Tommy highlighted how the sickness was too neatly and shortly resolved by being non-existent. However, one principle means that it would level to a extra stunning fact in regards to the occasions unfolding in Peaky Blinders season 6’s ending, in addition to these that may unfold within the Peaky Blinders film.


Like an earlier Peaky Blinders’ principle that prompt the occasions all through the present by no means occurred however had been as an alternative the ultimate fantasies imagined by a Tommy dying at conflict in France, this principle pointed to one thing eerily comparable. However, as an alternative of Tommy not surviving World War I, this principle would arrange Tommy not surviving his sickness. This would imply that something that occurred after Ruby’s imaginative and prescient could be imagined, together with Tommy’s option to spare Doctor Holford’s life. Potentially turning out to be Tommy’s dying fantasy would additionally imply that the becoming conclusion to Tommy’s story provided by the Peaky Blinders film would not occur in actuality. Instead, it could simply be imagined by a dying Tommy who actually needed to set issues proper by defeating Peaky Blinders‘ villainous Oswald Mosley. While this rationalization would make extra sense than what was revealed by Ruby’s imaginative and prescient, it could additionally trigger many issues for the longer term Peaky Blinders spinoffs.

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How Peaky Blinders Set Up An Improbable Survival Early On

Peaky Blinders by no means shied away from introducing supernatural components to the Shelbys’ ever-evolving story, as they rose from widespread criminals to having a prison empire and ending up influencing politics in six seasons. Believing in curses and the supernatural was at all times typical of Tommy, with a number of different Shelby members additionally partaking in superstitions, as evidenced by Aunt Polly’s (Helen McCrory) séances and dream interpretations. Peaky Blinders season 5 had Tommy certainly preoccupied with dreaming of a black cat (which meant a traitor was of their midst), however season 6 had much more connections to the supernatural since Tommy even traveled to ask Esme Shelby-Lee for assist in determining what Ruby had, along with her grey man visions in Peaky Blinders, her excessive fever, and her phrases in Romani. In addition, Tommy’s visions all through Peaky Blinders seasons 1 to six, which ceaselessly concerned seeing Grace, had been at all times an integral a part of his story and the way he went via the world. However, Peaky Blinders season 6, episode 6’s ending not solely had Tommy see Ruby but in addition work together along with her. This marked a change in the best way Peaky Blinders confirmed the Shelbys being concerned with the supernatural, as whereas their perception in it was clearly established, its existence was by no means proved proper by the present.

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Made A Huge Change In The Show

On prime of being out of his character, the best way Tommy’s sickness was sorted out additionally appeared too neat and straightforward. Some might need hypothesized Gina to be Peaky Blinders’ villain as an alternative of Mosley. However, the present constructed Mosley’s character as a formidable foe for Tommy, making a plot to persuade Tommy of his impending destiny not sound uncharacteristic of him. Still, Tommy confirmed more and more worse signs all through Peaky Blinders seasons 5 and 6. While Doctor Holford might need faked his analysis to instill in Tommy a want to exit on his phrases, Tommy’s earlier signs had been by no means actually defined, making the non-existence of an sickness plaguing him fairly handy. Not solely was the answer comparatively straightforward, nevertheless it additionally appeared in a sequence extra just like a dream than actuality. Peaky Blinders season 6’s finale noticed Tommy spot Ruby and hug her, along with her explaining every little thing that had occurred. However, since Ruby’s loss of life in Peaky Blinders season 6, the collection by no means established Tommy ever had visions of his daughter. The manner Tommy’s realization occurred comparatively simply and neatly pointed extra to a fantasy or a dream than to the Peaky Blinders plot that normally solved the gang’s issues in earlier seasons.

How The Peaky Blinders Movie Can Explain Tommy’s Survival & Ghosts

All these slight inconsistencies could possibly be defined by Tommy not being cured of his sickness and simply imagining how he would defeat Oswald Mosley within the moments previous his loss of life. The Peaky Blinders film may provide a satisfying ending to Tommy’s remaining battle in opposition to one in every of his most insidious foes, and it may even arrange future Peaky Blinders spinoffs that may be a part of Tommy’s creativeness as he thinks of what the Shelbys may obtain after he’s gone. As the choice could be accepting that Tommy’s Ruby imaginative and prescient proved ghosts’ existence in Peaky Blinders, establishing one thing by no means hinted at earlier than, the ending being Tommy’s fantasy may appear the extra possible possibility. However, this kind of rationalization may probably be bitter for followers, as it could suggest that Tommy wasn’t truly capable of defeat Mosley. On prime of that, it could additionally set up the Peaky Blinders spinoffs strictly in Tommy’s creativeness, bringing them to an entire new realm in comparison with the remainder of the TV present except the Peaky Blinders film additionally had been to show the speculation that the whole collection occurred in Tommy’s thoughts whereas he died throughout World War I.

Why Peaky Blinders Movie Shouldn’t Be A Dream

Having a central character being useless throughout a narrative wouldn’t be exceptional, as many profitable films delivered the stunning twist and made a film well-known exactly due to that. However, whereas logical, particularly primarily based on Tommy’s Ruby imaginative and prescient, Peaky Blinders setting the whole story in Tommy’s thoughts would nonetheless be a too-easy rationalization using an inexpensive tactic, which might be troublesome to clarify for a TV present lasting six seasons. Considering the totally different Peaky Blinders spinoffs stemming from the Peaky Blinders film, it wouldn’t actually make sense for every little thing to occur in Tommy’s thoughts. Instead, in mild of Peaky Blinders’ steady references to the supernatural world, it could make extra sense that they lastly made ghosts canon. This manner, they’d make the likelihood that every little thing will occur in Tommy’s thoughts much less possible, diminishing the continuity issues the Peaky Blinders spinoffs might need in any other case.

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