Dawood Ibrahim: Dawood remarries a Pakistani woman and changes hideouts


Mumbai. Most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim also married for the second time in Pakistan. Alishah, son of Dawood’s sister Haseena Parkar, disclosed this to the National Investigation Agency (NIA). Ali told the agency that Dawood had not yet divorced his first wife, Mejaveen, and that a system of encrypted communications had been developed to run the “D Company” business. He said he currently lives in Karachi. Apart from this, during the NIA interrogation, Alisha Ibrahim Parker revealed many important facts about Don.

Don changed location
Alisha said Dawood’s second wife was Patan of Pakistan. Alisha said Dawood changed his address and now lives in a defensive district near Rahim Faki behind Abdullah Ghazi Baba Dargah in Karachi. Alisha Ibrahim Parker told the NIA that Dawood and Mahabeen met a few months ago in Dubai in July 2022.

Alisha said Dawood has not been in touch with anyone, but his wife Mahabeen has ensured that he is in touch with all members of his family in India via WhatsApp phone at every festival and every occasion. He said that Dawood Ibrahim developed a system to run “D Company” so that his orders would go directly to his subordinates. The NIA has received information about the “D Company” network system. D Company’s network system passed orders through Chota Shakir to his henchmen after passing through several filters.

This is how Dawood attended his nephew’s wedding
Ali Shah married Ayesha Ali Shah, the daughter of a Mumbai-based businessman, in August 2016. The wedding lasted just an hour and a half and was attended by 100 people. After this, the family held a reception at the hotel.

Dawood planned attack
Chhota Shakeel converts Dawood Ibrahim’s instructions into encrypted voice memos, which reach Zaid in Dubai through Chhota Shakeel. From Zaid, this voice note reaches Shabbir, and finally he reaches Arif Sheikh. The NIA has received information that Dawood Ibrahim has assembled a special team capable of attacking key leaders and businessmen of the country and spreading violence in big cities. During the investigation into this case, the NIA recorded statements of Alisha Parker, the son of Dawood his Ibrahim sister, Hasena Parker.

This is how Dawood gives orders to people
The NIA investigation found that the arrested Arif Abubakar Sheikh’s alias, Arif Baijaan, and his brother Shabir Sheikh, had developed such a strong communication network with Chota Shakir that even law enforcement agencies did not know. became clear. Chhota Shakeel’s brother-in-law, his Arif, had recorded an encrypted message and contacted the ‘D Company’, which he was sending to Shabbir Sheikh. Shabbir sends this message to D Company’s broker and handler Zaid in Dubai, Zaid’s message in Karachi reaches Chhota Shakeel, who in turn reaches Dawood.

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