DC Canceled Plans to Rechristen Supergirl SUPERWOMAN With Her Own Team


The lineage of Supergirl stretches again farther than youthful audiences could count on, and farther than older audiences could bear in mind. Everyone is aware of Superman’s cousin, Kara, as the unique and most well-known Supergirl. But the story of the way more obscure Linda Danvers stays as unusual in the present day as ever.

Created by author Peter David and launched in a post-Crisis New Earth the place Kara’s Supergirl was erased from the continuity fully, this Supergirl is the product of a human merging with a Matrix protoplasm entity, gifting her with superhuman powers she makes use of to combat demonic forces as an Earth-born angel. Her backstory is a protracted story, to say the least, however Linda nonetheless provides to the surprisingly lengthy legacy of Supergirl earlier than finally retiring shortly after saving Earth-One’s Supergirl. Unfortunately, although, Linda’s story by no means acquired a correct glad ending earlier than David’s run on the Supergirl sequence was abruptly canceled.


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In a 2003 weblog from Peter David himself via his website, he defined his plans for Supergirl’s legacy to broaden even additional, by turning the solo e book into one specializing in a superteam comprised of all three variations of Supergirl. “The ‘S’ equivalent of Birds of Prey,” David calls it. Linda would have rebranded herself as Superwoman whereas Kara would have been the official Supergirl. And sure, Power Girl would’ve been introduced in as effectively. “The tone of the book would have been straight up fun–three super blondes getting into adventures. In my truly demented best-case scenario, I would have subtitled the book “Blonde Justice.”

Supergirl #80 by Peter David

David had hoped that the Supergirl sequence would have change into so undeniably profitable that it could have manifested leverage for himself to persuade “the powers that be” to finally rebrand it on this superteam imaginative and prescient, however Supergirl would not last more than the eightieth challenge. To his credit score, it is simple to examine a world the place this superteam sequence can be higher acquired than the preliminary run. The closest we get to that is seeing a number of variations of Supergirl unite to tackle Darkseid in Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness’ Superman/Batman #24.

During David’s run, although, this superteam rebrand appeared certain for achievement as a result of, initially, it could seem as if many critics felt it alienating to see a brand new character within the Supergirl function when audiences had grown accustomed to Kara for almost 40 years previous to Linda’s comedian e book debut in 1996. This method, Linda changing into Superwoman would’ve allowed her to take the primary steps to type her personal id, all of the whereas readers preferring Kara within the function would get their want. Meanwhile, Power Girl being on the group would’ve been an added bonus for everybody concerned.

Even via trendy eyes, a Supergirl trio seems like a enjoyable thought, assuming anybody in the present day decides to choose up the ball the place Peter David left off.

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