DCW issues notice to police on increase in drunk driving incidents


New Delhi, 22 January (IAS). The Delhi Women’s Commission (DCW) has issued a notice to the Delhi Police after becoming aware of an increase in incidents of drunk driving on the roads of the capital.

In its notice, the commission said drunk driving is not only one of the most common causes of accidents, but also a major threat to women’s safety. This threat should be stopped immediately.

The committee also addressed the issue of the ban on the use of breath analyzers by the Delhi police to detect drunk driving during the COVID-19 pandemic.


In order to investigate the measures taken by the Delhi Police to prevent drunken driving on the roads of Delhi, the Commission has commissioned an inquiry into the matter and asked the Delhi Police to respond on specific issues.

DCW asked if the use of breath analyzers to detect drunk drivers has resumed.


We also investigated the reasons for not reintroducing the use of breathalyzers to check for DUI risk.

The Commission also asked the Delhi Police to provide the number of functional breath analyzer testing machines available in the Delhi Police.


DCW is seeking the number of charans issued by the Delhi police for drunk driving since 2017, specifically the number of such charans issued between 6pm and 9pm on 31 December 2022. increase.

DCW chief Swati Maliwal said one of the night watchman’s major findings that day was that reckless drunk driving in Delhi was causing serious safety concerns for women and girls. Urgent investigation is required. I have sent a notice to Delhi. Traffic police found steps taken to investigate this threat, especially after Anjali was dragged to death on the streets of Delhi by five drunks.

Seeing the seriousness of the problem, the committee asked the police to answer the questions by January 24.



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