Delhi Kanjawala-like incident in Bengaluru, scooter drags 71-year-old man for several kilometers


Video from Bengaluru: The young man rammed into the old man’s car and started running.

DNA in Hindi: Bangalore News – The case of a girl riding a scooter being dragged several kilometers after a collision with a car in Delhi’s Kanjhawala is not over yet. Now a similar case has come to the fore in Bangalore as well. In broad daylight on Tuesday afternoon, a scooterist dragged a 71-year-old man for several kilometers after the accident. The video of this incident was taken by the people sitting in the car which went viral on social media (Bengaluru Biker Viral Video). Later, the drivers stopped the scooterist and handed him over to the police. The seriously injured old man was hospitalized.

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A scooter rider hit the old man’s car

The name of the scooter rider is Sahil. According to the information, Sahil’s scooter rammed into the Bolero car of 71-year-old Muthappa. When Muthappa tried to catch Sahil, he started running away with the scooter. At this, the elderly Mutappa grabbed the scooter from behind. According to Bengaluru police DCP Laxmanan Nirbargi, 25-year-old Sahil ran faster than stopping the scooter on him. Mutappa then trailed behind.

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Many people have posted the video

The video of Mutappa being dragged behind the scooter was captured by people sitting in a vehicle coming from behind. This video was posted on social media. These include 3 time BJP MP PC Mohan (BJP MP PC Mohan). Hundreds of people have since reposted that video in about an hour. According to DCP Nirbargi, Sahil has been arrested and the elderly man has been admitted to a hospital for treatment.

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Anjali was dragged for 13 kilometers in the Kanjawala incident

This Bengaluru incident brought to mind the horrific case of Delhi’s Kanjawala accident where 20-year-old Anjali was run over by youths in his car on New Year’s Eve. Anjali was trapped under the car after the collision, but instead of stopping the car, the drunk youths continued to drive it. After about 13 km, Anjali’s body came out from under the car and fell on the road.

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