Don’t make this mistake by mistake: You have cancer … UK hospital sent patients this message instead of Merry Christmas



A strange case has come to light from a UK hospital. Here the hospital administration instead of sending the message of Christmas to its patients, sent the message of cancer. On receiving such a message, the patients were taken aback and panicked.

The case is of Askern Medical Center in South Yorkshire. Here on December 23, the hospital administration sent a message to wish Merry Christmas to the patients undergoing treatment here. However, by mistake the message of lung cancer went to all the patients. This message was sent to around 1500 people.

the hospital apologized

As soon as the hospital administration came to know that wrong message has been sent to the patients from their level. The administration sent another message apologizing. Written in it, we apologize for the previous message. It was sent by mistake. ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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