Doom Patrol Season 4 Easter Egg Hints At The Team’s Dark Villain Turn


Warning: The following incorporates SPOILERS for Doom Patrol season 4.A Super Friends reference within the premiere of Doom Patrol season 4 could trace on the group of heroes turning into villains. This wouldn’t be solely surprising, because the Doom Patrol is made up of many non-traditional superheroes whose egocentric and sarcastic natures are extra anti-heroic than super-heroic. It can also be borne out by a number of the ensemble’s actions within the Doom Patrol collection 4 premiere.


The Doom Patrol season 3 finale appeared to recommend that the collective of super-powered people assembled by Dr. Niles Caulder had lastly embraced their skills and determined to grow to be the World’s Weirdest Superheroes. The two-episode premiere of Doom Patrol season 4 confirms this but additionally reveals the group is way from blissful about their new lives earlier than suggesting they’re by some means answerable for bringing concerning the finish of the world. This revelation, coupled with different occasions within the premiere, hints on the Doom Patrol progressing right into a villainous group, and one Easter egg could foreshadow this occurring as a part of the story of Doom Patrol season 4.

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Doom Patrol’s Super Friends Reference Suggests The Team Is Going Bad

Injustice League Hall of Doom

The Doom Patrol took management of a time machine throughout Doom Patrol season 3, and the season 4 premiere confirmed how they started utilizing it as their foremost technique of transport. The time machine was stated to have been rebuilt and took on a brand new look within the Doom Patrol season 4 premiere, now resembling a big dome with two giant home windows resembling eyes. This design resembles the cell Hall of Doom utilized by the Legion of Doom within the Super Friends cartoons and was additionally featured on the posters for Doom Patrol season 4. The prominence of this Easter egg may foreshadow the Doom Patrol going dangerous.

Why Doom Patrol Becoming More Villainous Makes Sense For Season 4

Doom Patrol Season 4 With Time Machine Resembling Hall of Doom from Superfriends

The concept that the road between heroes and villains could be very skinny and that good intentions matter for little or no has been a core a part of the themes of Doom Patrol for the reason that starting. Doom Patrol season 4 continues this pattern, revealing that the group both causes a zombie apocalypse or fails to forestall it. In both case, the distinction is educational. The Doom Patrol can also be confronted by their future selves, who’re extra egocentric and self-pitying than the fashionable group. This future Doom Patrol, not trusting their previous selves to not screw up the mission to avert their darkish future from occurring, attempt to steal their time machine.

Upon returning to the current, the Doom Patrol elects former villain Madame Rouge as the brand new group chief, on the grounds that “somebody willing to win at all costs” must be in cost. This results in dissension, as Madame Rouge takes Robotman on a secret mission with out the remainder of the group, telling him, “I don’t need the others. I only need you.” When Cyborg and Crazy Jane find out about this, they go rogue and run off on their very own secret mission to attempt to avert the zombie apocalypse, because the ousted former group chief Rita Farr refuses to do something whereas Madame Rouge is in cost.

This infantile conduct is typical of Rita, who was a prima donna as an actress and solely tried turning into a superhero to recapture one thing like her former fame. While there’s a far cry between being a brat and being a supervillain, Rita Farr grew to become extra villainous in Doom Patrol season 3. That, coupled along with her teammates being extra secretive and fewer trusting, may set the stage for the Doom Patrol turning into outright villains, making their new automobile resembling the Hall of Doom from Super Friends all of the extra acceptable.

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